Career options for Geography students

EducationCareer options for Geography students


Career options for Geography students

Class 12 students who study various subjects get an understanding of what interests them and what they like to do as passion and profession, just making them start in the right direction in their career. Their interests and good marks scoring subjects helps them decide for their careers and get jobs. Today we are going to talk about one subject that attracts many students during school days and that is none other than Geography.

If you are someone who likes to know and talk about nature, forests, mountains, rivers, and climate then Geography is the field where you can find suitable career options for you. Class 12 students who are planning to search for part-time jobs or explore careers in Geography can apply for graduation in Geography. Any Arts or Science student can take up a bachelor of arts in geography or bachelor of science in geography.

Admission to direct B.A. courses is also available in some colleges. You can check out the eligibility and apply for the same. For B.Sc. admissions in some colleges, there are entrance examinations. If you are already a graduate and still are fond of Geography subject, you can take up a certificate or advanced certificate programs or diplomas in Geography that are offered in many institutes as a part-time profession or hobby to pursue during your weekends.

After finishing the required courses or programs, one gets the needed knowledge to understand the basics right and also explore areas of biodiversity, food security, mapping, and remote sensing, and others. A degree in Geography will also help you get jobs in meteorology, disaster management, transportation, satellite technology, environmental science, and cartography, as per a media report.

You can even start a blog on Geography as academic knowledge to be shared with aspiring students or seekers to understand the subject in a more comprehensive manner.

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