Career options after HSC or Class 12

Here is a simple guide on what options are available apart from the conventional science, arts, and commerce options.

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Congratulations to the students who have successfully passed the Class 12 exams of different state boards. If you have not got sufficient marks and are waiting for revaluation results, stay strong and positive. I am sure you will get what you deserve if you keep trying and giving your best. For the students who have not yet decided what to do after Class 12, here is a simple guide on what options are available apart from the conventional science, arts, and commerce options.

1) Bachelor of Arts: If you are someone who likes subjects that take the creative or artistic side from you, then choosing a Bachelor of Arts is the right option. You can simply search for the top colleges in your city and go ahead to pursue your passion.

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2) Bachelor of Hotel Management: If you want to understand the inside and outside of the hotel industry, then hotel management is the right course for you. You will understand that there is more to hotel management than just catering and accommodation facilities.

3) Bachelor of Event Management: Events happened even during the coronavirus lockdown. Yes, the need to interact with others and share expert advice always comes in handy and that's why Event Management is one of the lucrative career options for you. 

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4) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications: If you are someone who wants to get into the media industry in the form of a news writer or a journalist, then taking up this degree will give you all the required information on how the industry works.

5) Bachelor of Social Work: Are you someone who wants to create a change in society? Are you someone who thinks a lot about social causes and wants to be a supporting hand? Then Bachelor of Social Work is one of the best career options. You can even pursue a Master of Social Work if you plan to work in the top position in the social sector.

6) You can even check out a career in Animation and Designing courses. This is because nowadays people are looking for better ways of presenting themselves in the industry. So, be it any company, there is always a requirement for a team that works in the animation and designing tasks to add a visual appeal to their existing products and services.

7) If you don't have the time and funds for a bachelor's degree, you can even explore career options in the linguistic field such as taking up learning languages like French, German, and Sign Language among others.

8) Other career options include careers in history, classical studies, communications, religious studies, and criminal justice. If you are a big fan of films, then taking up a career in films such as music, dance and theatre can help you express your abilities in a better medium.

If you find any of the above career options interesting, then you can learn more about the career of your choice by researching it on the search engine and also speaking to the experts who are already working in the industry.