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Bengaluru Preschool’s advertisement for children is surprising

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Certain things can happen only in a particular city or state. So goes the saying! It is indeed true as a user on Twitter posted a cut-out of a preschool in Bengaluru that says it is going to start an entrepreneurship program for preschool children in the city. You can check the post on Twitter by clicking the link here.

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The user named Bhavana captioned the post, “Saw this outside a preschool (!) in HSR. Can happen only in Bangalore 

@peakbengaluru”. The photo showed a child who is pointing towards the word “Future” written on the entrepreneurship program poster in the preschool. The tweet also mentioned that the school was situated in the HSR Layout of Bengaluru. 

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One user immediately replied to the tweet stating how he also faced something similar in the same area of Bengaluru. Some other users laughed their hearts out and asked if the school would offer next to start a startup incubation cell for preschool children. While another user wrote the reason that HSR has so many startups that have inspired the school to take such a bold initiative.

Pre-school, also called nursery school is the first stage of organized education. It is given to children of the age group 3-6 years all over India. Pre-school education is also called pre-primary education. It is indeed cool to see the tiny kids take their bags, have some books, and learn some new concepts in their early schooling days.

However, considering the competitive world that we live in, it is also saddening when small children are exposed to broader concepts of life at such a young age. It is also due to the exposure to technology in the form of mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV sets, radio, and other media channels that makes children vulnerable to several things that they need to know only at a particular age.

Entrepreneurship means starting up a business or doing work that can be implemented only at an expert level. When small kids are given knowledge even in a basic manner of how they can earn money or have their own office, they will definitely be curious to know how to do that and get involved in business activities at a younger age.

No doubt there are no restrictions in a diverse country like India to learn and grow in life but some responsibility also falls on the elders and the adult population to allow children to enjoy basic things of life and be away from the harsh realities of making a living.

If children are taught such big concepts instead of basic drawing and language skills, they will no doubt grow and develop faster but it will also put a threat to the youth population of the millennial generation to pack up their bags and stay back homes because of limited opportunities in the developing country like India.

Hope pre-schools don’t follow such a trend and let children still learn the basic rhyme songs and imaginary stories that really make them feel good about their lives with no thinking of competition or growing up.


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