Back to offline study demands, Vedantu Acquires Majority Stake in Deeksha

EducationBack to offline study demands, Vedantu Acquires Majority Stake in Deeksha


Vedantu, the Indian online tutoring platform launched in 2014 based in Bengaluru has announced a business development. Looking at the market scenario and the growing need for offline education, the firm has decided to capture a major stake in a renowned education company called Deeksha for $40 million.

Vedantu a unicorn brand is all set to go offline by integrating its technology into onground education centers of Deeksha. This comes as scalable hybrid model plan with Deeksha which is a 22-year-old institution with close to 40  centers across India.

Since the covid situation is stable in the country, the company Vedantu started trials with offline education experience earlier this year. It found the right business partnership in the brand Deeksha which is popular in smaller Indian cities and towns.

There was a time when the edtech market was booming, but now with the changed scenario, people are moving back to their previous ways of doing business, learning etc and hence there was a need to an offline presence to sustain the brand. Many brands have consolidated businesses and announced partnerships, though Vedantu has largely avoided any participation in that game so far.

The primary objective of this association is to encourage students to come to the centers and get education the way they want to and at the same time teachers will be joining online also for the students joining through online mode.

With the maximum youth population, India is among the largest education markets all over the world with more than 300 million school-going students .

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