Things you need to prepare for a job interview

Things you need to prepare for a job interview

Want to nail your upcoming job interview? Don't go by just the information and feedback about your new company on the search engine. Just go ahead and crack the interview only if you feel that you are the right fit for the job. Here are some tips to help you crack your dream job interview in a graceful manner.

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1) Research your job role and the industry well:

There are dozens of job listings on your expected job role and several industries that are looking for freshers or experienced professionals. But you need to be very specific when you are planning to go for a job change. You need to search for the job role that you are looking for rather than what is already being circulated on social media and the internet. Limit your industries only to a few rather than being open to working with every industry that has an opening. This will help you to work towards your job search goal in a consistent and scheduled manner.

2) Write down your selling points and prepare well:

You need to really know why you are the best fit for the job among many others who have also applied for the job. You will have to prepare a list of your strengths that will help you to convince the employer that you are interested in the job and can be a valuable addition to the organization.

3) Prepare for the most-asked interview questions:

Every employer or recruiter wants to know certain things about you and they come in the form of common interview questions. So, prepare yourself to answer each question in a unique way rather than sounding like a bore to your prospective employer or recruiter. 

4) Have some questions to ask the recruiter:

You need to also have some questions to be asked by the employer. Like the company size, what scope will be there for your position, and even what are the probable ways to get promoted from your job role. This will make them feel that you really care for your career and are looking for growth in life and not just a job.

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5) Prepare for your first 10 minutes well:

You may never know how bored or irritated the employer or recruiter will be while screening candidates for their job position. But in your case, you have all the control over your emotions and thought processes as it is you who wants the job and not otherwise. So, sound good, be fresh, and even have a positive approach if the recruiter doesn't give you good feedback.

6) Be honest and assertive and nothing will go wrong:

If you are the shy type who gets afraid of what will happen in the interview if you do this or ask this, then stop my dear. You are not alone in this world who is going to crack the job interview. You are not being judged or criticized for who you are. Just share your thoughts in an assertive manner about whatever comes to your table and see how you will rock every interview that comes to you.