Things to remember before deciding on your career

So, if you are someone who is contemplating deciding on a career option that gives you happiness in life, here we list down some factors that you need to consider.
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A career determines the quality of your life. Even though you may think that professional life and personal life are different yet you need to master your balancing skills to emerge victorious in your life. So, if you are someone who is contemplating deciding on a career option that gives you happiness in life, here we list down some factors that you need to consider.

What is Career Planning?

1) Choose a career that you love the most:

Although in the initial stage of your life, you may get confused about selecting one career option from a pool of many options available in the market and various industries. But you need to ensure whatever you choose has to be on the same page as your hobbies and skillset. For example, if you have been passionate about drawing and coloring since a younger age, you can consider taking up a career in architecture or engineering as that involves a lot of manual written work wherein you can express your creativity. 

How to achieve success in all walks of life?

2) Don't be influenced by others or your peers:

Your friend may be wanting to take up a bank job and that's why he would study mathematics, and accountancy subjects quite well right from the start because he is clear about his future career. On the other hand, you are someone who is a fan of literature in English and loves to read and write, so don't get influenced by other people's choices. You need to be clear about what you love to do and research more about converting your strengths into your career choices.

3) It is not always about the salary package:

Yes, the market is quite competitive, and in this rat race, only the toughest survive. But this thought process should not make you think that getting a salary in lakhs per month will only be a suitable career option for you. If your idea is to work in the history field or research field where the package given to teachers or professionals working in the field is not much compared to the corporate sector, don't just choose the latter. You have all rights to decide what you want without getting bogged down by the competition. A minimum-paying job with good work satisfaction can be a great career choice for you compared to a fat package with no work happiness.

4) Be willing to explore and learn:

Say, for example, you chose a career option that you started hating in the middle of the journey, do not feel disappointed. You can still take up a part-time job that pays for your living expenses and keep exploring other career options without losing hope. You can utilize your failure in your career path as a learning experience to share with others. For example, if you are good at standup comedy but thought writing scripts for serials was your career path. You can still go back to your strength and explore it further, develop your skill well and use your failure as a comic timing in your script for a serial.