Know the Careers in Environmental Protection

Recently on 22 April 2022, Earth Day was celebrated all over the world. 
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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Recently on 22 April 2022, Earth Day was celebrated all over the world. The yearly event is said to promote environmental protection. The day has been observed since 1970 every year with various themes. The theme of this year's Earth Day is Invest in Our Planet. As per the Earth Day official website, the goal of this day is to create awareness and conduct environmental movements all over the world.

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The Earth Day organization claims to have contacts with 192 countries to work with over 1,50,000 partners. If you are planning to create a career related to your interests in making the Earth a good place to live, then read below. Yes, you can save the world by taking up a profession that supports the well-being of this planet Earth.

1) Environmental lawyer:

As the name of the job title suggests, your main aim will be able to take up legal cases that disturb the environment such as poor air and water quality, disposal of hazardous waste, adoption of clean technology, and climate change law rules among others. Environmental lawyers work with private law companies, governments, and non-profit organizations among others.

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2) Forest Officer:

In the country, a range forest officer has the duty to care for the issues that are relevant to forests, the wildlife of the forest range, and the environment. Forest officers also work towards the upliftment of communities that depend on the forests for their livelihood.

3) Environmental engineer:

As the name suggests, this technical job makes the environmental engineering professionals understand the impact of the development of the various technologies on the environment. It gives them knowledge on how they can convince the governments and the organizations to reduce their harsh effect on the environment by undertaking good projects. Environmental engineers organize development plans for treating and containing dangerous waste management. They also carry out extensive research and development work on recycling, air and water pollution, and public health among others.

4) Environmental writers/bloggers:

As a writer, you can even take up topics that talk about saving the planet by adopting a simple and minimalist lifestyle. Through blogs, you can express the opinion pieces on how air and water pollution is creating ill effects on the health of all age groups. You can cover some stories that are local and are mostly left out in magazines and newspapers due to a lack of readers group. You can even mention suggestions on how the officials can adopt better waste management processes to overcome the environmental issues.

5) Environmental Activist:

Courage is the next name for an Environmental Activist. He or she who takes up this profession needs to be bold, brave, and unafraid of any external power that may come to stop them to speak out. Environmental Activists broadly care for the conservation and protection of the whole ecosystem which involves plants, animals, and humans that are found in various habitats all over the planet Earth.

Any job you take up in the field of environmental protection will always lead you to advocate for creating a sustainable world that is suitable for mankind to live in for ages.