Lockdown every Sunday from July 5 in Karnataka

Covid-19Lockdown every Sunday from July 5 in Karnataka


Lockdown every Sunday from July 5 in Karnataka

Bangalore: Karnataka is in a bad condition due to the rising infection of Corona virus. Meanwhile, the state government has decided to keep the lockdown in force every Sunday from July 5 until further orders. No activity will be approved on this day except for essential services and supplies.

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa held a meeting with ministers and officials to deal with the Corona epidemic. Three major decisions have been taken on the corona in the meeting. Accordingly, there will be a lockdown every Sunday after 5 July. Shops and all establishments will remain closed on Sunday’s lockdown. However, shops, stores and offices related to essential services and supplies will be opened. Employees will have to work for five days in government offices starting on 10 July. Now there will be a curfew from 8:00 am to 5 am. Earlier, the curfew was in force from 9 am to 5 am.

According to the state government, stringent measures are being planned to prevent the spread of corona virus. The Secondary School Living Certificate Examination is awaiting completion. After that some humorous steps will be taken. With this, from Monday evening, 10 thousand beds will be arranged in government and private hospitals to treat the corona virus and the multi-storey residential buildings will be used to treat the infected.

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