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Corona infection will be at peak in India second week of May


Corona infection will be at peak in India second week of May

80% of corona cases in India do not have symptoms, it is a matter of concern: ICMR

New Delhi: The coronavirus crisis in the country is fast deepening. So far, more than 17,000 cases of corona infection have been reported in India and more than 500 people have died so far. The Center, state governments and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) are making every effort to deal with the corona. ICMR senior scientist Raman R Gangakhedkar said in an interview that 80 percent of corona cases did not show signs of infection. This is a matter of concern for us. On the question of the benefit from the lockdown, he said that it has benefited India. In response to the question of when the number of infected people with coronavirus will be highest, he said that it is possible in the second week of May.

On the idea of ​​changing the testing strategy regarding asymptomatic, he said that there is no room for change. ILI is also being tested where there is an infection or hotspot. Don’t know what you can do next. As work is being done in the world, we are also working.

He said that different trials are being done for plasma therapy. It will take months. It is not correct to estimate the peak (highest level) in an epidemic. We can say that the peak will not be very big.

According to the latest data released on Monday by the Health Ministry, 543 people have died so far in India due to coronavirus while the number of infected cases has increased to 17,265. At the same time, in the last 24 hours, 1,553 new cases of corona have been reported and 36 people have died. However, there is some relief that 2,547 patients have been successful in defeating this disease. 316 people recovered in the last 24 hours. This is the largest figure till date.

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