What is the Purpose?

Concept of the DayWhat is the Purpose?


Purpose means what you intend or aim to do in your life. Purpose can also be for a particular task or project as well that is currently in your hand. Many times when we look back on our life or when we try to imagine the future, we get confused about why things happened or are happening the way they are. You also question yourself what is the purpose of your life if you have been failing at everything you touch or do in different spheres of life.

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The purpose is a broader term that includes and involves everything and anything related to your personal and professional lives. Purpose can be also spiritual in nature if the person is quite religious or traditional mindset. So, let us deal with the examples of the purpose of people of all age groups to make it easier to understand. 

What is the Value of Life?

The purpose of a child is to study and enjoy childhood with his parents and friends. The purpose of an aged man is to see his children happy and contribute something in a way that can benefit them. The purpose of a middle-aged man is to do all his responsibilities towards his family, save for his retirement, and also spend quality time with his aging parents and relatives. The purpose of a businessman is to make profits and pay salaries on time, make a good name in the industry, and aim high. The purpose of a college student is to crack the exams, prepare for his future career and be able to grab a job or internship. 

So, if you see above, the purpose of each person is different when they are in a particular age group. It means there is no one purpose that a person can follow throughout their life unless it has a huge goal or ambition to be achieved. For example, being a spiritually active person, my purpose is just to live and let others live the way they want. So, whichever person I meet in my life, I can think about ways in which they can live and would give me the freedom to live my life with the ideas and thoughts that I have for a beautiful life.

Thus, the purpose cannot be standardized. You cannot have the same purpose and the way they look at their purpose in a similar manner. Many times people change their purpose in life overnight by quitting their relationships, careers, and even lives. Some become saints but find a huge purpose or true calling in their spiritual path. While some quit their top-paying jobs in huge corporations to become self-employed professionals.

Purposes change because of various factors. One factor is when the person had decided that his purpose in life is XYZ, he was influenced by someone else’s motives and ambitions and decided to take that as a purpose in his life to please him or get into his good books. For example, a child may not really be wanting to study mathematics but in a willingness to fulfill his father’s ambition of him to become an engineer in the future, may enroll in classes and give his best to score well in the subject.

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