What is Servant Leadership?

Concept of the DayWhat is Servant Leadership?


Service leadership or servant leadership is a type of leadership philosophy where the objective of the leader is to serve or assist others. Service leadership is quite different from the traditional or existing leadership styles where the motto of leadership is to focus on the objective of the company or organizational goals. Servant leaders usually take the form of guides or mentors so that they can motivate employee growth and development. These leaders show a willingness to assist their employees to grow and become better in their careers and personal lives. They also take an effort to assist their employees to come out of their comfort zones and develop their full potential and skills.

Education is a service and not a business

A servant leader is there to serve his people without being partial or biased. He is focused on helping people grow as people. From the servant leadership style, people under the coach or mentor or such leaders, people grow healthier, wiser, freer, and become more independent, while they remain servants.

Shiv Sena leader shot dead outside temple in Amritsar

When leaders shift their mindset to serve first, they get the advantage as well as the followership of their employees. During the process, they also grow personally and the company also grows as the employees are growing their engagement, commitment, and dedication. When the leadership style became prominent, many leaders started adopting the servant leadership style and it is also practiced by leaders in some of the top-rated companies. 

Servant leaders go beyond the call of duty, it means they don’t serve people for getting something in return. Servant leaders work for others and thus, they manage service teams that ensure that the company’s processes and work are effective and efficient. They use forward planning to understand the requirements of others and fulfill the same. Customer or community engagement and satisfaction are introduced by improving internal procedures at the workplace.

Communicating openly, investing in people, strong direction, and better leadership are some of the ways of following the servant leadership style. Servant leaders are not profit-minded but welfare-minded. For them, the members of the community or employees’ growth and development become a priority and they take all efforts in ensuring that they fulfill their duties.

Servant Leadership is thus, one of the most important leadership styles that will ensure that the next century of people works in positive and productive environments. There is no jealousy, resentment, or hatred involved in the servant leadership style. Because the leader’s main focus is to better his employees’ lives and it may also mean that he imparts his skills and knowledge and allows them to grow beyond his potential. He is not afraid to lose his position or job title in the process and that’s one of the selfless qualities of servant leaders.

Servant leadership should be practiced in every organization where there should be a coach or mentor who gives it all without any major expectations. If the employees or community members come back on their own and naturally show their loyalty, it is a win-win for the company as well. Patience and a Positive approach are two of the main values of servant leaders.

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