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What is Sadism?

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Sadism is the habit to experience pleasure or happiness by causing hurt or harm to others. Sadistic tendencies are usually observed among people who are serial killers, who have the habit to enjoy others’ sufferings and even common people who are jealous and dissatisfied with their lives. A person is called a sadist when he humiliates others’ feelings by punishing them or causing pain or insulting them. Sadists usually taunt others and have inner happiness when they see the other person cry or in pain. Psychopaths are also called sadists and they usually have a disregard for the problems that others face because of their sadist behavior. They feel happy when they see others in physical and emotional pain.

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You can find sadist people even in your neighborhood or in your school or college or offices where people are known to cause pain to others and enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that they get by doing so. A sadistic person enjoys seeing people hurt, he or she enjoys causing pain in others, he or she loves the idea to see or hear others in pain, he or she thinks that it is all right to make others go through hell and difficulties in their lives, he or she also imagines how to hurt others and plots the same.

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If you are in touch with a sadist and have to deal with him or her on a daily basis, then think about your feelings and emotions and how you can control them. You can heal your emotional pain by detaching your thoughts from the dark personality of the sadist person. You can even focus on what weaknesses they are utilizing against you to cause you suffering or humiliation.

Sadism is common these days among many people even for small things in life. For example, a mother-in-law who lost her aged husband never wants her son to spend happy days with his wife. So, she plots sadist things by distracting her son’s mind over her loss. She keeps him occupied with housework and other silly stuff that could be done by even a maid. She does this so that her son doesn’t enjoy a good marital life and eventually separates from his wife and focuses all his attention on her.

We cannot call all mothers-in-law to be sadists although they may appear so in front of all daughters-in-law. But the fact of society is sadists are found everywhere because not everyone is blessed with everything in their lives. It is because of the sadistic behavior of family members, many people lose out on greater opportunities when it comes to their job, marital relations, or even friendships. An aunt of a girl was so sadist that she would never allow the girl to study well or score well in exams. She would keep misguiding the girl who lived at her aunt’s place because her parents lived in a village.

Her sadism was based on the thoughts that when she couldn’t achieve her dreams in life, no other girl or woman can achieve theirs too. Thus, it was a huge challenge for the girl to fight all odds and walk on her dream path.

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