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What is Progress Review?

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Progress Review means a fixed meeting between an employer or manager and his team employee. In the review meeting, the employee’s achievements and probable issues are discussed in the performance area. Also, the performance criteria are analyzed and reviewed if required. Progress review is to find out if the planned skills are being learned by the employees or team members as mentioned in the training and development program. Progress review meetings will be held to analyze the progress of project implementation, and discuss the employee’s progress in the achievement of the performance expectations or results.

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In the progress review meeting, the parameters checked by the employer are:

1) If the employee is completing his daily or weekly targets,

2) If the employee is having cordial relations with the team members,

3) If the employee is cooperating and resolving the conflicts or issues of the customers/clients, 

4) If the employee is facing any troubles in the implementation of the skills and abilities,

5) If the employee’s performance has any scope for future growth or improvement.

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Here are some suggestions on how one can ensure conduct a good progress review meeting:

1) Write an agenda of the progress review meeting by email and send it to the employee or employees.

2) Repeat the goals of the meeting at the start of the meeting.

3) Review the progress of the employee or employees and write down what is the future course of action.

4) Stay focused on the meeting even if there are several distractions and queries coming from the opposite parties like different stakeholders who are also in attendance at the meeting.

5) Definitely give everyone present a chance to speak and share their views. But don’t let that bother the outcome of the progress review meeting.

6) Don’t keep repeating the same thing again and again as this will affect the outcome of your performance in the meeting.

7) If you really want any specific change from an employee then mention also the action points to do it.

8) Keep the progress review simple, crisp, and to the point. Don’t make people bored with your long speeches and emotional reactions.

9) Assign actions to the employees so that they can start noting down their new work targets.

10) Summarize your review meeting and send it on WhatsApp or emails to all the attendees of the meeting.

If you have been quite disturbed by your recent performance in the progress review meetings, then you need to upscale yourself. Don’t feel saddened by the remarks that come in the meeting. Because they are not meant to hurt you personally or make a mockery of you. The company conducts such progress review sessions so that they are aware of the shortcomings and also share with you how you need to put more effort and focus into your job.

In order to ensure that you get negative remarks in your next progress review, you can consult your immediate manager to co-operate with you and share with you the wisdom and information required to conduct your job duties effectively.

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