What is Personality Training?

Concept of the DayWhat is Personality Training?


There are different types of personalities in the world. You can simply understand the personality types if you look at your family members. If your son asks you to take him out every time you are back home, it means he likes to go out, meet with people and explore new things and that is how his personality is developing. If your wife always tells you not to reveal her salary or investments or new purchases to other family members or your friends, then she is a secretive kind of person who likes to keep good things to herself and not mingle with each and everyone in the family or outside. If you are someone who likes to keep a low profile always and just go to the office and come back home and spend time with family, then you are a common man like me who also has the same type of personality of “apne kaam se kaam rakhna”.

What is a soft-hearted personality?

Well, I have been criticized for being an introvert by my extrovert family members throughout my life. I have been advised to even join personality training programs because my family members used to feel awkward during family functions, social gatherings, etc. because they just had nothing to share about me with others. There was nothing special or out-of-the-box I had done in my life that they would be proud about.

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So, I have done good research and studied a number of articles on public speaking, and upgraded my personality to a new one. However, time and again, I have failed to express myself during meetings or when I am out with others. Then I was introduced to the world of typing and writing. The moment I got the typewriter in my hand, I was happy because I could share whatever I had suppressed inside me.

I started sharing things in a written medium and connecting with people on social media. Slowly I started taking up phone calls and began to speak with new people who found my voice was quite like a star. Such compliments kept me going and eventually I started liking to go out and meet different types of people. I wasn’t feeling afraid because I knew who I am and what I am capable of. 

Thus, my personality training was not restricted to a program or course but to real-life situations that helped me change a bit over a period of time. Well, still I won’t say that I love going out or mingling with new people but I wouldn’t lock myself at home when got the opportunity to visit some places. I am evolving as a person and so is my personality. But the basic personality inside of me of a calm and silent person remains the same.

I don’t like unwanted calls and unnecessary talks that create chaos in the family or even in the friends’ circle. And when I meet such types of people I just tell them to take up some personality training programs because the world is not just full of extroverts or introverts but full of people who are evolving day by day with the situations they are put into by the biggest teacher called LIFE.

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