What is Online Mimicking?

Concept of the DayWhat is Online Mimicking?


Online mimicking, also called social media mimicry or mimicking, is an act by internet users to post the same thing as others. For example, if you post a selfie outside a shopping mall, your friend who is jealous of your followers and fans may also try to grab the attention of others by posting a couple of selfies outside the shopping mall. If you write about how elated you felt after receiving a job offer or a proposal from your boyfriend, your jealous friend or follower may imitate the same act by posting her story of receiving a job offer or proposal that may or may not be even true.

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The act of online mimicking is only to gain the attention of your followers or fans who can be relatives, the same social circle, friends, or office co-workers, among others. Such people who imitate others are always found copying the choices and preferences of that of others. Some people like to follow the lifestyle and choices of their favorite celebrities while some try to imitate that of their friends or relatives about whom they are jealous.

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Some people also imitate or mimic others on the internet in order to mock the person and even ridicule them in the form of entertaining others. Mimicry can be in the form of voice, looks, choices, decisions and even doing things similar to that of the other person. For example, twin children usually have the habit of copying each other’s looks and status on social media so that both of them get the same love and attraction from others.

Some forms of online mimicking are good enough while others are usually for competition purposes. You might have seen how some people still remain childish even if they are grown up as adults. Like if a person uploads on social media a photo of their parents on, the other person who mimicks him online may also tend to post his photograph with his parents and write similar captions.

If the person has taken up education in a foreign university or trying for a particular course, he may update it on his online platforms. The other person who is mimicking him may also try doing the same course from the university and post similar updates on social media. Sometimes online mimicking is also done to feel protected and safe. For example, if a woman posts on social media about her whereabouts, the other woman who follows her on such platforms may also get inspired to post her whereabouts on social media to get attention. It is to get more followers and likes on social media, thus having proof to show that they have an online social circle and are not left out in the world.

Anything done in excess is never good, same way doing online mimicking others just for fun or competition or jealousy is also not good if done exactly the same way. There are chances of losing our identity and also our self-respect in the process. 

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