What is Letter of Recommendation?

Concept of the DayWhat is Letter of Recommendation?


letter of recommendation is usually used for professional purposes. If you are a student who wants to apply to higher education, you would need recommendation letters from people who know you and work in top positions. For example, your internship manager, the principal of the school or college, or your subject professor can write recommendation letters for you as you have studied or worked under them for a particular period. These letters will not just aid you in higher education purposes but also talk about your overall personality and how you can be an asset to a future employer or university that will give you admission.

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Letters of Recommendation are useful even if you are leaving a particular job and transitioning to another job or country looking for a job. For example, if you have worked as a telemarketing executive at a company and are planning to visit a foreign country like Singapore or Canada for a job search with a better package and title, you would need to get 2 or 3 recommendation letters written from your reporting manager, Director of the company, your colleagues at the workplace, etc.

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These letters come in handy to read especially for those who really don’t know anything about you but would be giving you an important position at workplace or profession. It also gives you a gist about your personal and professional abilities and helps the person reading the letter – probably a future employer or a university admission committee to know what expectations they can set upon you.

You would get many letters of recommendation samples online and even in academic books. However, the samples and templates are of no use if you simply copy-paste them and just change the names of the people writing the letters. It means the references and the content mentioned in the letters should be original, genuine, and written specifically for you if you really want to flourish in your life.

You can also ask for recommendations on LinkedIn from the people with whom you have worked for more than a year or 2. Don’t ask an intern or a person whom you just met for a month or 2 to recommend your skills and abilities on any offline or online platform. Such recommendations won’t be useful and considered when they are attached to study abroad and job abroad or future endeavors applications.

Make sure to use only formal and concise language while writing recommendation letters if you are the one who is recommending someone for a job or career. In the first paragraph, you can talk about the person’s name and the purpose of your letter – you can also introduce yourself in a line if needed. In the second and third paragraphs, you need to mention why you think the concerned person deserves the appreciation or praise. You can also quote 2-3 examples that narrate the person’s skills and abilities that set them apart from others. You can conclude the letter by again reminding about the reason for recommending the person for a particular job or career program.


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