What is Indecision?

Concept of the DayWhat is Indecision?


“I usually find it difficult to make a choice,” said a friend to another. When the other friend asked him the reason, he shared, “I am unable to decide if I can let go of my hobby of singing so that I can accommodate more time for my studies and related activities. When I am singing, I just forget the world and get into another world where I am so comfortable and happy. But due to my singing activities, I lose a lot of time on studying the hardest subjects, and thus, it affects my academic performance,” he concluded.

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Understanding his friend is suffering from the problem of indecisiveness, Rehaan shared how he shouldn’t be afraid of making the wrong decision just because he thinks so. Indecision or indecisiveness is a state of mind in which a person has a hard time making any one decision or multiple decisions. After a lot of thinking even when the person makes any decisions, he is not confident about it, and thus, he changes his mind sooner or later. Thus, indecision can be stated to be a wavering mind that is struggling between two or more possible types of action. It is also called irresolution.

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For example, a man was unable to let go of his lovely wife whom he married 10 years ago. He wanted his wife to stay back with him and not opt for another job in a different city. However, his wife was adamant that she has to move on to a better job for a good future for all the family members. In one way, the man wanted his wife to prosper in life but in another way, the man didn’t want his wife to shift to a different city. His indecisive mind made him go through different emotions from negative to anger to disappointment to sadness to the grief of being separated from his partner.

Indecision can also happen due to a person’s act of taking only bad decisions in the past. For example, a man in his 30s left his corporate job thinking that he can set up his business. He took a loan from the bank and also started his business on a huge scale. But when his business didn’t give him any returns, he had to shut the shop. After some years, he realized the consequences of his bad decision on his family members, and thus, he became indecisive if he wanted to again go into the business line or take up a corporate job. 

Indecision can also happen if a person has got a mindset that aims for perfectionism. For example, a woman in her 60s didn’t want her son to get married to any girl. So, she had set high ideals for her 25 years old son’s would-be wife. During the young age of her son, however, she couldn’t find a suitable bride because none of the girls matched her expectations. Thus, when her son turned in his mid-30s, still, they couldn’t find a good bride because of the woman’s indecision of not being able to let go of her perfectionist mindset.

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