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What is Digital Partnership?


Digital partnership, also called strategic partnership is where two companies that are related to each other come together to form a partnership. Digital partnerships are usually beneficial for both the companies and the customers as well. The way companies do their businesses are changing in recent times and thus, they look for creative collaborations. 

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A digital partnership is an association between two companies or an influencer in which two parts come together to share the target audience by launching their services or products that are beneficial to each other. For example, a sportswear company may associate with a digital influencer who blogs about fitness and health. You can even understand digital partnership with the example that NHS had partnered with Tinder to create awareness about organ donations.

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Digital partnerships improve the brand’s visibility and also help the companies to get more sales. For example, if I am a blogger who writes on wellness and mental health, I would collaborate with brands related to this domain. I may associate with a mental health professional who can share tips, advice, and professional knowledge on how people can overcome their common mental health issues.

The partnership with the mental health centres or professionals may be on a barter basis or paid basis wherein the inquiries that come to the centres from my blog’s reference can help me avail commission on each session. This is one example of a digital partnership. You will find varied other examples of digital partnerships wherein the idea of each brand is to get maximum visibility and improve their revenue, sales, or any other objective.

Digital partnership also involves sharing technology with other businesses. For example, if you see a movie nowadays and watch the credits that are shown before each movie, you will find many media and digital partners that come together to promote the film to various mediums at online and offline levels. These forms of digital partnerships allow the film stars to reach out to a wider audience with who they can connect to talk about their movies and also their careers, personal life gossip, etc.

Thus, we can say that digital partnership is all about sharing expertise with each other. For example, if my movie is an educational film, I will connect with the digital partners that are working in the educational domain and ask them to promote the film in exchange for sharing the logos of the digital partners on my film promotional videos and posters. The reviews that I get from the educational digital partners will work in my favor in getting more ticket sales and visibility, which is their expertise. And my expertise is to give those educational digital partners more visibility on my media channels and promotions.

Digital partnership can also be done with an Instagram or Social media influencer who can go out on all their platforms to promote my film. For example, if I collaborate with a superstar who has amazing viewership and following on his social media channels, it will be a win-win situation for my film considering I will get more eyeballs from his following through his online mediums.

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