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What is Celibacy?

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Celibacy is the practice to avoid sex or not involving in all types of sexual contact, including kissing or holding hands. Some people define celibacy as abstaining from having marital or sexual relations with their partner. While some people define celibacy as being a bachelor for their entire life. Some married people also practice celibacy for a certain period of time when they are being a part of any spiritual or religious activities. 

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Celibacy is a promise to abstain from having any sexual desire or physical desire for the opposite gender. Some married couples after giving birth to children, avoid having any physical contact or sexual intercourse and live in their marriages lifelong in a similar arrangement. Some people consider not being married forever in their lives as practicing celibacy. So, celibacy is practiced differently by people belonging to different communities and thinking perspectives.

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Some people practice Celibacy for preventing future pregnancies, wait for a particular phase in their romantic relationship, want to give their best in school or college or career, having to take care of their mental health, and also sometimes manage physical health problems. Celibacy has many psychological benefits. 

Some people who have strong religious beliefs or are a part of a particular faith can find religious satisfaction while the following celibacy. The spiritual satisfaction that they attain while the following celibacy makes them feel less stressed as they are no more bothered about going against their strong religious beliefs.

People who have lost their loved one like a parent or sibling or best friend may practice celibacy to heal their emotional wounds. Such people may get the required energy to heal and also focus on their other emotional bonds and needs during the time of celibacy.

People who select their celibacy boundaries will find themselves empowered to make meaningful choices about having sex or not. Voluntary celibacy is when couples are able to share their reasons and choices about having or not having sex.

Whereas, the drawback of celibacy is people often don’t engage in sex because they don’t have a committed partner. In such cases, people may often feel lonely by practicing celibacy, thus making them feel more depressed in the later stage of their lives. Some people may also feel jealous or hurt when they may see other couples indulging in romantic phases and they are unable to express the same with their partner because of celibacy.

So, instead of taking celibacy as a quick decision, one must know the benefits and disadvantages before taking the final call. If one decides to stay unmarried and never have a partner in their lives just because they have taken a vow to protect their family and practice celibacy, it shouldn’t be a decision taken without deep thinking. One must consult a counselor or an expert before getting into such living arrangements.

Having sex or not is a personal choice. It has nothing to do with others or religious views. If there is a particular event that needs to be completed for which people remain without sex, then that is a different thing. But if a person decides to remain celibate for his lifetime, then it has to be decided carefully and not under any pressure.

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