What is a Marketing Brochure?

Concept of the DayWhat is a Marketing Brochure?


Marketing Brochure, also called a Sales Brochure by some people, is a formal document that talks about the products or services offered by the company to a targeted audience. For example, a Study in the US brochure, an educational brochure, will talk to the prospective students about what is the scope of studying in the US, how it will benefit their lives and help them get jobs or reach their career goals. It will also talk about the specific universities that are offering various courses, their probable fees, the duration of the programs, internship opportunities if any, etc.

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Marketing brochures come under print advertising, which is still used in many places. Many people do not just look at digital ads but also glance at pick-up brochures, which are also part of marketing brochures. Hospitality is one of the industries that still use marketing brochures. However, making 100-page marketing brochures won’t be a successful formula for businesses. In the digital age, the attention span is less and that’s why even marketing brochures have to be crisp, concise, to the point, and involve marketing tactics aimed at a specific audience.

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Marketing brochures can be used as point-of-sale marketing in brick-and-mortar stores. It can be also used as direct mail wherein customers are sent the brochure via email after they make a request to know more about the product or service. Some companies also use marketing brochures as a sales support tool wherein all the services of the company are highlighted for the customers to be reviewed and also understand if there will be non-financial benefits like free servicing, free gifts, etc.

Marketing brochures are also prepared to be distributed at events so that they can reach potential customers who attend industry events or trade shows. Marketing brochures are also designed properly, use of formal tone is done, and are written in a language that attracts potential customers who may make the purchase decision now or later.

Using different fonts and font sizes will help to highlight the key points while writing the marketing brochure. Also, the content should be skimmable and not too heavily worded. There should be usage of images and infographics wherever required along with reliable sources of websites or books so that customers can read further and verify the information mentioned in the brochure. There should be a call-to-action pointer mentioned in the middle and end of the brochure so that customers can contact the respective company and clarify their doubts or queries if any.

The outline of the marketing brochure should be consistent and understood easily by the customer while they are browsing through the pages. You can also have a print and digital version separately made as they help to reach specific customers and help them understand the language written in the brochure easily. For example, if you are targeting 20 years old youngsters to make a purchase decision through the marketing brochure then the language should be friendly, easy to understand, and use. If you are writing for a professional audience, then the outline should be content-driven as they won’t waste their precious time reading any random brochure and want all data and insights written perfectly and formally.


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