What is a Goal?

Concept of the DayWhat is a Goal?


A goal is a direction. A goal is a way in which you can walk and reach somewhere and do something meaningful. A goal can be short-term or it can be long-term but it shouldn’t be pointless. For example, I have seen a couple of unemployed guys arguing with their parents about how sleeping daily, waking up, and eating food have become the ultimate goals of their lives. They consider these basic activities of life as goals, which are quite useless and of course, pointless.

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Because actual life goals have to be inspirational to you if not others. For example, a person who has been scoring 50 marks in mathematics, if decides to perform better and get good grades, will set his goal to study harder and achieve 70-80 marks in the maths subject. Well, this is a practical goal that can be achieved with proper tutoring, mentoring, and practice. However, the problem arises when goals become unrealistic and highly set.

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For example, a man who earns a low income of 10,000 INR per month, cannot think that he will own a luxurious car in the next 5 years because he is now under a job. Well, he can only plan for his needs and wants based on his income and standard of living. Even if the man doesn’t spend his whole salary and keeps it in the bank for the next 5 years in the form of a fixed deposit, then too, it would be difficult for him to afford that kind of money.

That’s why it is said that a goal has to be kept in a manner that is achievable and also sounds realistic. People these days get inspired by books and movies so much that they think they will change the world by doing some activities. However, if those activities are not aligned with their goals, then they don’t get the desired results, and thus, they consider themselves to be failures in life.

This should not happen. A goal should be set by a person after analyzing all the pros and cons of the processes that he has to follow while he achieves the goal. For example, if a man wants to buy a property, he needs to first understand what are his liabilities in terms of expenses, loans, debts, and also medical expenses that may arise as the times pass by. He cannot swiftly take a decision to buy land or property just because he has a job.

He needs to analyze all the possibilities that consider he loses the job, who will take care of his family expenses? Who will pay the medical bills if any of the family members get hospitalized? So, this kind of thought should make him understand what are his limitations and then only sign up for property purchase and registration. 

Goals can also be kept in terms of health. For example, an obese woman who weighs 90+ kg can think of how she can reduce her weight by walking on a regular basis or taking up an exercise activity that will shun off the calories. If she sets consistent and achievable goals, she will also enjoy the journey of weight loss.

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