What is a Depressed Soul?

Concept of the DayWhat is a Depressed Soul?


A depressed soul is a person’s mind that always looks out for sadness and pain in their or others’ lives. Depression is one of the major mental illnesses that has become common nowadays in most people’s lives around the world. Depression can happen due to genetic factors, unhealthy habits, and lifestyle changes that affect a person’s mind to make them look only at the negative side of their life. 

Do what your soul asks you to do and you will never be sad in life

A depressed soul is a tag usually given to a person dealing with depression for a few or many years in their life. We cannot say that depression comes only for a particular age group because research is still going on how depression can be reduced naturally and even with counseling and medications. So, who is a depressed soul and why don’t they try to lead a normal life, we will understand better with the help of the example below.

Right food can help beat depression, say nutritionists

Ayesha used to live alone in her rental flat after her husband passed away in his 70s. She lived with her only son whom she was very affectionate and cared for. However, things started appearing gloomy to her when her son married a girl of his choice. Ayesha didn’t like changes in her life and her daughter-in-law appeared to be a threat to the bond that she shared with her son. Ayesha started getting sleepless nights because she was afraid that her son would go away from her. 

Ayesha unaware of the negativity that she started possessing towards her son and daughter-in-law started scheming things against the wellness and health of the couple. She used to create misunderstandings between the young couple thus making them opt for divorce in a matter of some years of marriage. Although Ayesha succeeded in her plan of separating the couple, she lived in the guilt of spoiling her son’s life, which no mother would do in reality. 

However, Ayesha’s depressed thoughts were getting on her nerves. She started harming herself by eating a lot of sugary items and thus, hampering her health. Within a few months, Ayesha suffered a major heart attack due to her ill habit of harming herself. Ayesha recovered from the heart disease after the major surgery that was done to her. However, it cost lakhs to her only son who was also depressed because of his mom’s uncontrollable thinking patterns.

Ayesha’s son also became a depressed soul like her, thus cutting off all the relations from his life. He performed badly at the office, thus making him lose his only job, the only source of income that could help Ayesha and her son sustain the living expenses. Both the depressed mother-son duo closed themselves at home and were contemplating what majorly wrong did they do in their lives to suffer such harsh pain. 

Eventually, a relative of theirs intervened and took the mother-son depressed duo to a counselor to start their therapy sessions. Things didn’t really change drastically for the duo but they sooner realized the errors that they did in their life that led them to have such a bad fate.

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