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What is Anger Management?


What is Anger Management?

Are you someone who has been accused of a bad temper? Are you someone who gets easily irritated when something doesn’t go your way? Are you someone who has been taunted for having emotional issues and also tagged as a bully? Well, it seems you have anger management issues that you have not addressed yet fully. Anger management is the art of taking care of your anger and helping yourself overcome your issues tactfully without affecting yourself and others in a negative manner.

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Anger management can help you build good relationships, make you get out of the negative zone, and even lead to good physical health. The thing is you need to start counting your numbers from 1 to 100 whenever you feel like lashing out at someone who has mistreated you or given you something that you are not comfortable with. Anger management is not at all an easy task for people who have been known for their anger alone. But remember once you vomit or release all the negative tensions that you have been building up inside you for so long, you can really be a pro at it.

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First and foremost, forgiveness is the quality that you need to start practicing if you feel people have mocked you, wronged you, and don’t live up to your expectations. Expectations, especially if put on people who are not capable of following what you want, can really make you bitter from the inside. For example, if you expect your child to always rank 1st in his or her exams without you supporting or encouraging him enough to accomplish his goals and even that is something beyond his or her capacity, then really you are setting unrealistic expectations.

You need to meditate on your negative thoughts whenever they occur to spoil your mood and put you in a bad zone. You need to come out of your comfort zone of always reacting to situations. Instead, you should start developing the habit of fixing your goals around your strengths and giving yourself a break whenever you feel you cannot handle the situations well. For example, if you know you are just bad at giving constructive feedback to your team, give the responsibility to a team member or leader who knows to say things well without hurting others.

You need not gulp your words or just keep quiet to put your anger filling up inside you just to burst one fine day. You need to release your anger by challenging your angry thoughts with something meaningful. You can simply write your thoughts down on a sheet of paper, figure out what is good in it and then only speak up rather than backlashing at everyone who comes to you in the search of a solution to their problems. Anger management is a constant practice that needs to be followed for months or years to make you get rid of the habit of getting frustrated or irritated in minor situations. Life is a huge journey of ifs and buts, and your behavior and thoughts will determine how you will sail this journey. So, make sure it is a good one!

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