Your favorite search engine Google completes 25 years

BusinessYour favorite search engine Google completes 25 years


Do you know that Google celebrated its 25th birthday on 27 September 2023? That’s why if you might have opened the search engine, you might have seen Google written with “25” number also in it. The American multinational technology company didn’t start with a huge bang but with humble beginnings.

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If you have read the information mentioned on the website of Google, it was in January 1997 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page first met at Stanford University that their idea for building Google started. The meeting happened when Sergey Brin who was a Ph.D. student at the university, was asked to give a tour of the campus to Larry Page. During that time, Page was thinking of studying at Stanford.

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A year later, Larry and Sergey started working together in the dormitory rooms to design a search engine. They successfully came up with the first prototype. Their innovation started to get them awareness of famous investors in Silicon Valley and thus, in August 1998, Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, gave a $100,000 cheque to Sergey Brin and Larry Page. That’s how Google Inc. was started.

This important investment helped the new team to move out from the dormitories to set up their first official set-up in a garage situated in the suburbs of Menlo Park, California. As years passed by, Google got quick growth that helped it to relocate to its present head office, which is well-known as the Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

Google had written about how their journey started in their blog that read, “A chance encounter between two computer scientists changed the course of the Internet and the lives of millions”. 

“Every day, there are billions of searches on Google in more than 150 languages around the globe, and while much has changed from the early days of Google, from its first server housed in a cabinet built out of toy blocks to its servers now being housed in more than 20 data centers globally, its mission of making the world’s information accessible to everyone remains the same.”

Google has undergone an important expansion that will also extend its reach far beyond just search engine functionality. So, let us know in the comments below how do you use Google. 

For the unversed, the Google search engine can be used for various purposes. For example, if you are writing a letter to your authorities with regard to any matter, you can simply search samples of such letters on Google. Once you browse and go through the samples, you will get an idea of how exactly you should write the official letters.

This will help you to frame a good readable letter that can be used to send for official purposes. Google can be used to even learn about academics or learn about what is trending on the internet right now. Google provides access to free resources from various websites that contain a lot of information on a particular topic or subject. 

It is obvious that Google has become a necessity in everyone’s lives in its 25 years of service!

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