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Wipro Employees asked to attend the office thrice a week

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After a strict step of firing 300 employees caught moonlighting, Wipro has taken a decision to make its employees work from their respective office locations a minimum of three days a week. 

Wipro chairman Rishad Premji is constantly dealing with protests after firing employees in moonlighting case. But the firm has made clear decisions to manage job functions smoothly.

Wipro Chairman announces return to office from Monday

The Wipro office will remain open the entire week except for Wednesdays, the employees can choose to be at work any of the other three days from the remaining work days barring weekends. 

The IT companies were very flexible and lenient towards the employees allowing them to work from anywhere till such cases came to attention. According to Wipro’s official spokesperson the new decision has been taken to follow a flexible and hybrid approach for the return-to-work policy. Starting from October 10 onwards, all employees including the ones in leadership roles will come back to the office in all locations of India thrice a week.

What is renewed job growth?

The main objective is to allow teams to be back to work and work collaboratively, building meaningful work relationships and also exchanging ideas that get restricted in wfh scenario.

Following suit, many other IT majors apart from Wipro like TCS, Infosys and others have started to take similar steps since last week to avoid situations of moonlighting and streamlining work.

Wipro is a very employee-friendly company, which had to take an extreme step against those who have been reportedly working for competitors. There has been a lot of backlash and negative reactions on Twitter and otherwise, criticizing the chairman for sacking employees but according to the company these are basic work ethics and employees cannot work for competition as per the terms and conditions of their hiring contract.



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