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Netflix offers annual salary of Rs 7.4 crore for AI product manager

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Streaming media company Netflix is recruiting an artificial intelligence – AI Manager for a yearly salary of Rs. 7.4 crore (which is $900,000). The job role is open and aims to increase the leverage of the company’s machine learning program. The method of working is remote for the job position.

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The product manager role will include using AI across all areas of the company’s business, such as personalizing user suggestions, and content acquisition, among others. Netflix wrote on its website that the overall market range for roles in the domain of AI of Netflix is usually $300,000 – $900,000. Another job in the company involving knowledge of artificial intelligence is the role of technical director in its Game Studio. Netflix is providing an annual salary of Rs 5 crore, which is $650,000 for the position.

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Meanwhile, such attractive job offers from the American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service come at a time when Hollywood unions are going on a strike as they are concerned about how Artificial Intelligence affects the pay and working of the entertainment industry. The union is a representation of actors who have been quite vocal about how they fear that AI and its algorithms have a lot of power.

Sag-Aftra’s Fran Drescher had shared with a magazine how algorithms of AI dictate how many episodes a season should run before one reaches a plateau of new subscribers and how many seasons a new series should have. She believed that this reduces the number of episodes per season to between six and 10, and also limits the number of seasons to three or four, which is not good for the industry. She also added how AI and its algorithms are squeezing stuff from the livelihood of the people working in the entertainment industry due to the business model enforced upon them. It has created a lot of problems for all the people associated with the industry from top to bottom on the ladder.

There has been really a lot of noise and chaos over Artificial Intelligence not just in foreign nations but also in India. There are companies and institutions that are launching AI-driven programs for students and professionals alike at exuberant rates. There are also openings in AI and ML across all industries for fat paychecks. While some people are only getting attention for working in the AI industry, there are lakhs and crores of people who are losing their jobs and not getting good opportunities to scale up in their careers due to a lack of AI-based skills. 

While the job market is divided and not every company adopts the same success formula, it is really frightening to see when companies like NETFLIX have job opportunities for AI-knowledge managers with a package in crores on one hand. While on the other hand, the same company cut down 3% of its workforce last year owing to slow growth and economic downturn. What the future hold for job seekers and companies, in the long run, is what I assume even AI won’t be able to predict accurately.

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