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Key Insights of Modi’s Meet with Walmart CEO

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on 12th May 2023 in the national capital Delhi. On Sunday, Modi said that his recent meeting with the Walmart CEO was quite a productive one and they had a knowledge-sharing discussion on varied topics. Modi said that he was pleased to see India rising as an attractive place for investors.

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“The meeting with Mr. Doug McMillon, CEO of @Walmart, was a fruitful one. We had insightful discussions on different subjects. Happy to see India emerge as an attractive destination for investment,” Narendra Modi tweeted.

On May 11, Walmart Inc. tweeted, “Thank you Prime Minister @narendramodi for a great conversation. We are working toward exporting USD 10B per year from India by 2027 and are committed to strengthening logistics, skill development & supply chains to make India a global export leader in toys, seafood & other goods.” “The visit with Prime Minister @narendramodi reinforces the shared value we bring working alongside India. Together, we’ll continue to support the country’s manufacturing growth and create opportunity,” Mr McMillon mentioned in a tweet by Walmart Inc.

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It is to be noticed that the top management of Walmart also met some of the suppliers, merchants, grantees, artisans, and MSMEs in India last week. Walmart CEO McMillon shared with the media how the company has a long history in India and wants to continue to grow an ecosystem that makes opportunities. The company aims to work together with its partners to make quality, affordable, sustainable products for our customers and members, help businesses grow, create jobs, strengthen resilient communities, and speed up India’s progress as a manufacturing destination. The company also wants to collaborate with Made In India products and expand its exports to $10 billion each year by 2027.

The recent meeting between Walmart CEO and Indian PM Modi is a symbol of the increasing economic relations between India and the United States. The two nations are aiming to build a strong trade relationship and are collaborating to boost investment and cooperation in many areas, including agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.

 Here is a short summary of the meeting:

  • Walmart plans to invest $10 billion in India over the next five years.
  • Ways to boost trade and investment between the United States and India.
  • Walmart’s commitment to investing in India and helping to create jobs and economic growth.
  • Walmart works to improve the supply chain in India and make it easier for small businesses to sell their products.
  • India’s open-for-business policy and the government’s commitment to creating a favorable environment for foreign investment.
  • Walmart’s commitment to sustainability and its work to reduce its environmental impact in India
  • Walmart’s support for women’s empowerment and its work to create jobs for women in India
  • Walmart’s commitment to education and its work to provide scholarships and other educational opportunities to students in India

From the time, Modi has been the Prime Minister of India, he has always ensured to meet the global leaders to portray the benefits of investing in India.

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