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India’s August exports rise by over 45%

New Delhi, Sep 14 (IANS) India’s merchandise exports in August 2021 rose to $33.28 billion, higher by 45.76 per cent on a year-on-year basis, official data showed on Tuesday.

Exports during August 2020 stood at $22.83 billion.

The data by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry showed that in comparison to August 2019, last month’s exports rose by 28.03 per cent.

“‘Non-petroleum’ and ‘Non-Gems and Jewellery’ exports in August 2021 were $25.19 billion, as compared to $19.10 billion in August 2020, registering a positive growth of 31.87 per cent,” it said.

“As compared to August 2019, ‘Non-petroleum and Non-Gems and Jewellery’ exports in August 2021 registered a positive growth of $28.73 per cent.”

Similarly, India’s merchandise imports in August 2021 increased, rising by 51.72 per cent, on a year-on-year basis, to $47.09 billion from $31.03 billion.

“‘Non-Oil’ and ‘Non-Gold’ imports were $28.67 billion in August 2021, recording a positive growth of 37.33 per cent, as compared to ‘Non-Oil’ and ‘Non-Gold’ imports of $20.88 billion in August 2020,” the ministry said.

“‘Non-Oil’ and ‘Non-Gold’ imports in August 2021 recorded a positive growth of 4.32 per cent over August 2019.”





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