Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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IMF in support of agricultural laws

New Delhi: Global Financial Institution International Monetary Fund (IMF) has supported the recently implemented agricultural laws on behalf of Modi government. The IMF says that this is an important step towards agricultural reforms in India. However, the IMF also says that the Government of India should formulate policies to ensure the social security of those who may be adversely affected by these laws.

IMF Director of Communications Gerry Rice says that these laws will reduce the role of middlemen and increase capacity. In a conference, he said that he has taken an important step towards agricultural reforms in India. On the other hand, the agitation by farmers’ organizations against the agricultural laws continues. Farmer leaders are adamant on the demand for withdrawal of the law. At the same time, the country’s top court has formed a committee to resolve the matter.

According to Rice, the new agricultural laws will make direct contact with farmers to sellers and the role of middleman will be less. With the reduction of middleman’s role, the profits of the farmers will increase and it will support the growth of rural areas. When asked about the agitation of farmers against the agricultural bill, he said that the government should bring a policy to ensure social security of those who will be adversely affected by the adoption of a new system. For this, Rice has advocated to provide employment to the people affected by the reform.

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