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How To Know Your Income Tax Refund Status

How To Know Your Income Tax Refund Status

Business Desk – The Income Tax Return deadline was July 31 and now the taxpayers are waiting for their tax returns. According to the Income Tax Department, on the last day over 6.77 crore income tax returns were filed. 5.63 crore ITRs were verified which means a large number of taxpayers already received their income tax refunds.

Normally, an ITR refund is issued within 7 to 120 days of the day the return was filed. If you haven’t received your tax refund yet, it is time to check if you’ve e-verified your ITR or not. If not, the filing process is considered incomplete.

Income Tax Refund Status

  • Visit https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal/ and log in to the portal.
  • Go to ‘View Returns / Forms’ and click on the ‘Select An Option’ link and then the ‘Income tax Returns’ link.
  • Now, enter the assessment year and submit it.
  • For details, tap on the ITR acknowledgment number. Here you can see the ITR refund status.

In some cases, the ITR refunds can be delayed reason can be:

Wrong bank account number or other information.

Not issued a requirement for additional documentation or information.

The refund paid status is recorded in the ‘Tax Credit Statements in Form 26AS.


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