Honda demands bonus return; miscalculated and overpayed employees by mistake

Honda demands bonus return; miscalculated and overpayed employees by mistake

The Japanese automobile company, Honda in a miscalculation by the accounts department pays extra bonuses to hundreds of employees and is requesting them to settle the extra amount by returning them or allow the company to deduct it from salaries, according to sources

Honda has a plant in Ohio, Washington that manufactures Accord, CR-V, Integra, TLX and NSX car models, shared a circular with employees stating that the employee bonus that was disbursed earlier to them an early month, was not calculated correctly.

As payments are a sensitive matter; the organization has given the employees a timeline of 9 days to return the extra money they have received as part of the bonus. The company will wait for the employees to respond to their email to share their preferred mode of repaying else the company decides to recover the extra amount automatically by systematically deducting it from their respective monthly salaries.

One of the employee’s spouse expressed on the issue and shared, “They are put in a difficult situation as it is not easy for all families to manage and take this level of a hit. According to sources,  her husband who is a Honda employee has been asked to repay around8 percent of his bonus, which is equivalent to hundreds of dollars.

It might sound unfair to the employees but the legal experts have made it clear that the automobile company is in position to expect a return of the amount miscalculated “As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, it is  applicable to all employers in the US, it is very clear that overpayments of any amount exchanged with employees as part of bonus can be recovered by the employer.