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Guess what! Manish Malhotra to design new uniforms for Air India

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As per a report in Hindustan Times, airline company Air India will soon change the uniforms for their female cabin crew. You might be aware of how the airline’s flight attendants have been wearing sarees for 60 years. However, this will go through a transformation this November 2023.

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It is believed a modern attire will be introduced for the flight attendants. The latest wardrobe will include contemporary attire such as churidars for female attendants and suits for the male attendants. 

It is also reported that India’s well-known fashion designer Manish Malhotra will be designing the uniform for the flight attendants. However, there was no official statement or comment from the designer due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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Churidars will remain one of the options for women and the male crew members are said to be wearing suits, said a source to HT. It is also reported how the sarees will be entirely removed from the set of uniforms and churidars will be introduced. 

However, a second source claims that several options were given to the airline’s management such as ready-to-wear sarees that looks like sarees but are not draped like traditional sarees. But the management didn’t finalize the same yet.

Reports also suggest that the new uniforms will be in the colors of deep red, gold, and aubergine on the similar color shades of Air India. It is also said that after the merger with Air India, Vistara will also choose the same uniforms.

The airline’s new look will be launched after the arrival of the latest Airbus A350 aircraft, which is set to happen in October or November this year. Air India however has not made any official announcement on the issue.

The tradition of Air India’s female cabin crew wearing sarees goes back to 1962 when JRD Tata thought to replace the skirt, jacket, and hat with the six-yard sarees and some other options. 

The first sarees were brought from Binny Mills and to date, the flight attendants of the airline company can select between an iconic six-yard saree or tunic and pants in the same color shades.

Air India is the flag carrier of the country and has its head office in New Delhi. It is owned by Talace Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Sons. This occurred after Air India Limited’s former owner, which is the Government of India ended up selling the airline company to Tata Sons.

After the merger with Vistara, Air India and Singapore Airlines plan to ensure minimum capacity on different domestic and international routes. This includes Delhi-Sydney and Delhi-Paris as a way to work along the lines of fair trade regulator CCI’s commitments.

Competition Commission of India (CCI), on September 1 this year approved the proposed merger of Vistara with Air India under a deal wherein Singapore Airlines will also enjoy a 25.1% stake in Air India.

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