This trend of thuggery could be stopped by people only

ArticleThis trend of thuggery could be stopped by people only


This trend of thuggery could be stopped by people only

Ubaidullah Nasir

This trend of thuggery could be stopped by people only
Ubaidullah Nasir

At a time when nation is facing worst ever crisis on all fronts. Covid 19 infected persons have touched dangerous mark, India is now ranking third most infected country in the world, everything is not Ok at Sino India Line of actual control (LAC),economic crisis is deepening with each passing day even then the priority  of Modi government is in destabilizing opposition specially Congress state governments by horse trading, witch hunting, misuse of state machinery specially Income Tax department Enforcement directorate and Central Bureau of Investigation. Actually these three organisations under union government have become hunting dogs, are shooed behind any opposition leader who dares to challenge the Modi Amit shah and their policies of horse trading witch hunting and forming their state governments by denying the popular mandate. No ethics no morality no constitutional values and no political decencies, only victory through any foul method , for them only end justifies means.

After changing their defeat into victory and disrespecting popular mandate in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh their next target is Rajasthan. Differences between erstwhile Deputy Chief Minister and now rebel Sachin Pilot and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot are being exploited fully. Suit cases full of currency notes have allegedly reached Jaipur and every defector MLA is being offered something between Rs. 20-25 crore. On a complaint from one presiding officer of state legislature Special operation group of Rajasthan Police is investigating this case and two BJP MLAs have so far been grilled after their call details were checked. It is said that Sachin with his supporters is planning to defect from Congress and resign thus bringing down the strength of house in which Congress may lose majority and way to form the BJP government is paved. However, Sachin’s group is claiming that he has never shown his inclination to join the BJP but has only complained that he is not getting due respect and importance inspite of his being Dy. CM and state party chief,on the other hand Gehlot group is claiming that they have tape record of the conversation between Sachin and one BJP leader in which Sachin is demanding a huge amount and ministerial post for his supporters. This tape record has been sent to Congress high command and handed over to SOG investigating this allegation of horse trading. On the basis of this tape record notice was also allegedly issued for interrogation to Sachin by SOG. If true it may be first instance when notice in corruption charges is issued to any Dy. CM  by his own government.

Sachin like Scindia too is saying that they want nothing but respect and importance but if track record of their political journey is tracked one will see that party specially Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi personally have given both these leaders too much in too short span of their political career. Both have been member of parliament union minister and state party chief in their earlier forties. Any ordinary worker in such a short span and age group could hardly get any post in PCC. And what all defectors from Congress have got in BJP. Had their ambition of becoming CM of their state is fulfilled? See from Haryana to Assam not a single defector had got the hot seat. All from Chaudhary Birendra Singh ,Rao Indrajit Singh to Hemant Biswal Sarma to Jyotiraditya Scindia who has become CM ? and if they  hopes to become CM, they are living in fool’s paradise .They  must not forget that top post at central and state level is reserve for RSS Pracharaks and not for defectors from any other party.

It is the time for Congress high command to introspect. There is no denying the fact that both Sachin and Scindia were promising young face of the party. Their ambitions apart something definitely was wrong that made them to leave the party. Is this just their lust for power or a tussle between old guards and stalwarts. In case of this tussle some via media some mechanism has to be found where there is a fine balance between the two.

BJP’s specially Modi Amit Shah duo lust for power and making India “Congress Mukt” knew no limit for this end nothing is foul for them. To hell with constitutional arrangements and niceties, political ethics ,public morality and  democratic values. Nothing succeeds like success. But by their misconduct corrupt ways and unethical practices they are not only weakening the constitutional democracy but are shaking people’s faith in our electoral system. If majority can be mustered by purchasing legislature where is the need of contesting elections and be responsible to voters purchase the legislatures form the government loot the nation and do whatever you like. Constitutional institutions have already been packed with the persons of their ideology and they have just become white elephants or show pieces ,even Supreme Court has been loosing public faith and confidence. Earlier judiciary was considered apart government but now in most of cases it is behaving like a part of the government. Constitution has just become a bunch of few thousands or lacs words  and  book just to take oath of it but never practice. Its spirit its motto its purpose has been thrown aside only majority in the house is sufficient to do what you like. Are we inching towards constitutional dictatorship is the question haunting millions of our people who wants India to not only remain a constitutional democracy but becomes a role model for other democracies.

Here people have to be awakened they have to be sensitive not only to their democratic, constitutional rights but to democratic values and ethics also. This horse trading this buying loyalties of opposition legislature through every possible unfair means including misuse of official machinery must be rejected by people they should come out openly on their own without any call from any party to against these defectors who are selling public confidence shown in them for their personal gains. If only such defectors are defeated in next by/midterm or general elections they are taught a lesson of their thuggery  and the party purchasing their loyalty is rejected only then we any hope some improvement otherwise this trend will finish our democracy and we people of India will be just silent spectators of murder of our democracy. 

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