Tejashwi emerged as a shining star of Indian politics, Left’s emergence is a good sign

ArticleTejashwi emerged as a shining star of Indian politics, Left’s emergence is...


Tejashwi emerged as a shining star of Indian politics, Left’s emergence is a good sign

BJP is the main gainer in Bihar it achieved what it could not get even in Advani and Modi’s wave

Ubaidullah Nasir

Tejashwi emerged as a shining star of Indian politics, Left’s emergence is a good sign

Bihar assembly election and the by polls held in UP and MP BJP has emerged as the biggest gainer reasserting the fact that inspite of everything going against its government the Covid 19 Pandemic mismanagement that gave second position to India after US, the demonetization disaster, the economic downturn, the hardships faced by public due to sky touching prices of essential commodities including vegetables, the unprecedented unemployment rate, the security scenario specially China’s incursion , the social disharmony all have been rejected by the people. Voters in MP have awarded those who have sold their mandate in their first inning that means they like horse trading and in UP they have preferred the policy of “Thonk do” (Encounters both fake and genuine) and Ram nam satya yatra by so called love jihadists. BJP is preferred by the voters and they still have unshakeable faith in Mr. Modi.

Bihar election results have surprised a vast section of our society even exit polls failed to gauge the mood of the voters. Every exit poll in Bihar had given clear majority to RJD but the results only made it single largest party (75) obtaining one extra seat than BJP (74). What is more important that now BJP has become the major partner of the NDA throwing its earlier leader Nitish Kumar and his JDU to poor and distant second. JDU is no more the leader of NDA and has a poor electoral strike rate well below the 50% mark it is the BJP which saves the government for Nitish Kumar. Now the BJP is the natural claimant of CM’s chair even if as per its pre poll promise it makes Nitish the CM but definitely he will be a puppet CM fully dependent on BJP. Its political and electoral strategy is unmatchable. This time the main task of BJP was to get rid of Nitish Kumar who after 15 years of rule has lost all his chrarisma and appeal and utility for BJP. For this the services of Chirag Paswan son of late Ram Vilas Paswan were sought he fielded his candidates against every seat Nitish was fighting thus he cut his Dalit votes and brought Nitish to his knees.

When the news of poor performance of NDA in first phase of polling poured in BJP changed the strategy. Nitish and his posters were set aside new posters emerged having only Mr. Modi’s photo and the slogan “Modi hai to Bharosa hai”. The message was clear and loud Nitish may have failed but Modi has not, so this time voters should vote on the face of Modi not Nitish and they did it. It also kept targeting Tejashwi reminding people of so called Jungle raj of his father Lalu’s era.

Another strategy of BJP always pays good dividend to it. On every seat it fields so many dummy candidates belonging to dominant caste of that seat. Even though they cut very small votes but collectively they become most harmful to winning candidates of its opponents. Fielding smaller parties too is the part of its strategy.In Mus, ln Muslims concentrated Seemanchal region Owaisi and his party MIM and in Mithlanchal region dominated by both Muslims and Yadavs Pappu Yadav made things easy for BJP. Here it is to be clarified that we recognize every party and leaders right to seek election from any where and expand the wings of his party at national level. BJPs3 Ms (money,media and man power) have no match and it always depends on emotional issues around religion and ultraSnationalism which always dominates the real issues like Roti Kapda Makan.

But the fact remains that Tejashwi Yadav has emerged as the hero. He fought like Abhimanyu of Mahabharat. The credit of keeping Bihar elections around real issue of employment goes to him solely. Though he is the son of Lalu Yadav a most popular leader of not only Bihar but of the entire nation but this has become a baggage for him too .All negatives of Lalu, Rabri governments specially so called jungle raj and corruption charges are reminded to people time to time and were made an election issue this time too. But this young man of just 31 has carved a niche for himself on his own right. His performance earlier as a leader of opposition has been spectacular but as a RJD chief and its chief ministerial candidate was super rather unmatchable. His connect with people is superb. RJD under his leadershiop may fail to oust NDA from power but Tejashwi in absence of his father single handedly ran an energetic campaign. He always used to tell his audience that his father has brought social justice to Bihar and this time he is going to bring economic justice for Biharis starting with 10 Lakhs government job to youths.

The emergence of two diverse forces in Bihar too is a major development of this election. Majlis Ittehadul Muslemeen mainly a Hyderbadi party has won 5 seats and was runner up in three not only this it ensured defeat of many mahagathbandhan candidate specially of Congress. Left parties as part of Mahagathbandhan fought 29 seats and won 18 thus their strike rate is much better than so called main stream parties. Their emergence in Bihar may have impacts in Bengal also which will be going to polls next year.

The performance of Congress as second largest partner of Mahagathbandhan has been worst and many political pundits blame it for “near defeat” of Mahagathbandhan it fought 70 seats but could win only 18.It selection of candidate has been under question since beginning its booth management was worst and it failed to get full support of local Mahagathbandhan partners including RJD.There is almost a consensus among political pundits that had Tejashwi njot conceded more than fifty seats to Congress the results would have been different. Congress has to deeply introspect that why inspite of good track record and work among people even when it is out of power it has failed to get people’s confidence and their votes.

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