Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: When spirituality becomes a way of life

I was a First-year degree college student when I got introduced to the concept of spirituality officially in my life.
person sitting with hands in meditation pose
Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

I was a First-year degree college student when I got introduced to the concept of spirituality officially in my life. I remember reading The Speaking Tree articles in The Times of India newspaper which used to be hardly any cost in the early 2000s. However, my building's neighbor had joined an Art of Living course and eventually became a volunteer there. She came to my home the other day and convinced me to enroll in the basic program so that my self-confidence improves.

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I initially hesitated but eventually joined the course thinking that probably it will help me to develop my overall personality. I learned a lot of things in the Art of Living program, which I could always cherish in my life. My personality didn't change all of a sudden but went through gradual changes over a period of time. From a timid and fearful person, spirituality helped me to become a confident and fearless person. Yes, but this didn't happen overnight, and it happened slowly as and when I got exposed to tough situations in my life.

What is the Purpose of Living?

Many ask me how am I able to stay so calm when so many things are going on in my life. Many ask me even today how I am able to forget and forgive some tough people who harmed me emotionally in my life. Many even ask me how I can manage to smile and laugh in challenging situations. I got the answer that it doesn't affect me the way it affects them when they get to know what situation I am into. 

How is it possible to not frown or get irritated when things don't go my way, ask me, people? I simply tell them that I sit silently with myself for a few minutes every day wherein I go really deep inside myself, have some meaningful conversations, and come up with possible solutions to deal with the situations. It is not easier said than done I know that, but the gift has come to me over a period of time. And the gift is called MEDITATION.

Meditation is being yourself, with yourself, knowing yourself, and becoming self-aware of what you really want in life and that state of mind you can come across only if you work upon it. Spirituality is not rocket science, as it is simply about being human, being friendly with yourself, and detaching yourself from the negativity and materialism that exists majorly in today's times.

When you start defining spirituality in your own terms, you will find it everywhere, in books, in songs, in people, and in the happenings in your life. Spiritual thinking doesn't mean you are orthodox or rigid-minded because no religion makes you bound by anything, all religious studies do set the person free from all the unwanted bondage and extreme attachments that make a person emotionally vulnerable. 

Spirituality becomes a way of your life when you keep things simple to do and think in your life. At the end of the day, you sleep peacefully because you have come to the realization that everything is temporary in the world and we own nothing, neither our bodies nor materialistic things or relations. All we own is the soul that stays with us and connects us with our divine self.