Sino India stand off deserves our special attention

ArticleSino India stand off deserves our special attention


Sino India stand off  deserves our special attention

Ubaidullah Nasir

Sino India stand off  deserves our special attention

Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung famous advice to Chinese army (PLA) and government was “Occupy ten Kms. Of enemy’s land, then start negotiation vacate two kms. Thus world will recognize you as a peace loving country and you will be in benefit of 8 kms. land. Though so many of Mao’s era legacy has been done away by Chinese including their clothes. Chinese leadership has implemented this advise once again at Line of actual control (LAC) a de facto border between India and China. It has pulled back its army to 2.5 kms out of the total area it has occupied but unfortunately it is not clear how much of our area Chinese army has occupied .On the other  hand Indian government too has its own style of functioning,ie misinformation disinformation and manipulation so everyone is free to believe the version he or she likes. Government however has accepted that Chinese have pulled back upto 2.5 kms it means they have occupied our territory. When it is accepted one fails to understand why the distance of occupied area is concealed. Veterans like General Joshi General Panang and others have accepted that Chinese have intruded much deeper into our territory whereas another soldier turn journalist Major Ajay Shukla has tweeted that Chinese have occupied about 60 square kms. of our territory since it has yet not been officially denied by this government there is every reason to believe that Major Ajay Shukla is right.

However after flag meeting between the officers of both armies de escalation at LAC was agreed which is a welcome move but intentions of China are not satisfactory it is trying to surround India from all four sides Qaraqoram highway is directly giving our neck in the hands of chinese and now it is encouraging Nepal to adopt anti India stand .The new map of Nepal approved by Nepali parliament shows major part of Indian territory as that of Nepal .India strongly objected to this map but of no avail. Nepali parliament has approved that map however Prime Minister Koli has said that Nepal is ready to discuss all issues with India. Construction of Tibbet Kathmandu highway is giving an edge to Chinese with Nepal as it is minimizing Nepal’s dependence on India for supply of essential items .If we look at our relations with our neighbours we will find that one by one we have lost all our friends at our neighborhood due to wrong policies of Modi government. After earthquake in Nepal India was quick to start supply of relief items with men and materials but it was so publicised and Indian media played this in a way that hurted the self respect of Nepalese. It annoyed Nepal compelling it to ask India to stop supply of relief .Bangladesh and Afghanistan too were our time tested friends but CAA was direct interference in their internal affairs that annoyed both countries and they started maintaining a calculated distance with us.

Coming back to China there appears to be a lot more to the stand of between the two countries than meets the eye. Though the de-escalation process at Eastern Tibbet  has started there is no change on ground on focal point of dispute known as finger four. Similarly at Naku La  in Sikkim situation is no more better .Thus shifting troops to earlier peacetime positions will not be easy. India has also to keep in mind the preparedness of Chinese at LAC the undemarcated border between the two countries .China’s immense infrastructure development heavy deployment of troops,build up of tents vehicles artillery and above all its provocative actions all are unaceptable to India and it has to reciprocate with similar preparedness .After all India has to safeguard its borders and territorial integrity.It has to make China realise that it is not 1962 but what has happened at LAC is painful we allowed their intrusion into our territory without a shot being fired where as in 1962 inspite of all our weakness we fought an Indian sodiers added  a golden chapter in history of their bravery.However war with China or for that matter with any neighbour is not in any body’s interest it only brings death destruction and pains but solves no problem .Government of India specially the ruling establishment and jingoist journlaists together with some retired veterans must stop war mongering with any of our neighbor. All issues must be resolved at the table this is true with China as well as with Pakistan also. It is heartening that both India and China have agreed to continue with dialogue process. However it is incumbent upon India to be prepared for any eventuality at LAC. From Dr Lohia to many senior leaders of today have always been saying that China is bigger threat to India than Pakistan.It is clear now that Chinese policy is to trap India from all possible sides.Pakistan and Nepal have became tools in its hands.We have now to show better diplomatic acumen and better defence preparedness .  

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