Seven years of Modi era a bad dream for India

ArticleSeven years of Modi era a bad dream for India


Seven years of Modi era a bad dream for India

Our economy, social fabric, constitutional democracy and borders are not safe

Ubaidullah Nasir

Seven years of Modi era a bad dream for India

It was perhaps at the end of prime minister Narendra Modi’s first inning a journalist asked veteran BJP leader who is basically a teacher that out of ten how many marks you will give to prime minister and he jokingly replied that marks will be given when something is written in answer copy. It was how even BJP veterans were thinking of Modi government .One may say that these veterans were sidelined by Modi and all of them had an axe to grind against him but the fact remains that at performance level he was almost zero but at popularity level he was at the top resulting in more shining victory in general election.

Now half period of his second inning has come to an end and people are analyzing his failures and achievements in more realistic and unsympathetic method than earlier. In his second inning Mr. Modi was more interested in implementing the core of his RSS programmes mainly construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, abrogating article 370 and implementation of uniform civil code. For this he trusted his time tested Hanuman Amit Shah and made him the home minister .He implemented all these programmes without any iota of ethics and constitutional decencys. For example article 370 was abrogated and Jammu & Kashmir was trifurcated without consulting elected people’s representatives as mandated by constitution. The citizenship amendment act was passed even if religion is not the base of our citizenship that is clearly mandated in our constitution. Both these acts passed by parliament have been challenged in Supreme Court where it is still pending. Many legal luminaries have raised voice against this dilly dallying of such important constitutional issues but of no avail. Modi government on the basis of majority in Lok Sabha and floor management in Rajya Sabha passed the controversial farm laws but it has not imagined such an opposition from the farming community. Six months have passé and the farmers from Punjab Haryana and western UP are sitting in Dharna weathering all types of weather the cold wave the rain and the heat and above all the pandemic Covid 19. But the arrogance of Modi government is not ready to reach on any compromised formula. Earlier it faced the opposition to its controversial CAA. From Assam to Delhi this law was opposed but the government very cleverly made it a communal issue but the farmer’s agitation has become a bone of contention. It tried to give it anti national turn terming it a Khalistani sponsored agitation but no trick of Modi government had yet succeeded and the farmers are firm in their resolve to get these laws cancelled.

The country has yet not been able to recover from the economic disaster that Modi brought through demonetization. His government has been committing blunders after blunders on economic front. The GST was implemented with so much fanfare but it proved to be another economic disaster that mainly affected small traders and manufacturing units which are the main employment provider after agriculture. According to government’s own figures the unemployment rate in India has been highest during this period unparallel in last five decades. The first wave of Corona was less lethal but it was made disastrous by sudden imposition of lock down .Was not that a foolish decision that a vast country like India with its 135 crore population was brought to halt on a short notice of just four hours. This resulted in the exodus of lakhs of migrant workers and a big human tragedy. More people died on road travelling on foot , bicycles etc to their native places from their work places. They were not having any transport facility nor food and water. After a long gap transport facility was made available and the food and water was supplied to these hapless workers by individuals and NGOs. This lockdown further aggrevated the economic health of the nation and added to unemployment. Almost all sectors of economy mainly manufacturing sector real estate sector the two main employers suffered heavily. MNREGA which was pooh poohed by Modi ji in parliament and was dubbed as the burning example of a failed UPA legacy, came to the rescue and provided employment to rural workers .

Modi ji announced to make India a five trillion economy and for this started selling PSUs and thus making India a hollow economy. These were the PSUs on the basis of which India weathered the international recession of 2008 when even the economy of USA was shattered had not the American central bank came to the rescue of economy US would have become a bankrupt country but during this period India stood like a rock gave the benefits of sixth pay commission to its employees introduced many poverty alleviation programmes including MNREGA food security act and right to education act etc. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru the architect of modern India under whose leadership most of these PSUs were established have termed them as new temples of India. Perhaps being the Nehru legacy Modi ji considered them as burden and decided to sell them out on throw away prices. Is it the coincidence only that buyers of these PSUs are mostly two corporate houses known as the blue eyed boy of Modi ji . ?

Modi ji could not make India a five trillion economy but the economy that was matching US and other most advanced economies of the world before 2014 is now lagging behind even Bangla Desh and other neighbouring countries what to say of US, China and other advanced economies. Yes Covid 19 has been a major destroyer of economy but is India the only country facing Corona? We are facing the consequences of thoughtless economic policies and mismanagement of economy.

More than economy the major casuality of Modi regime has been the social fabric of the nation which our forefathers have very tactfully sincerely and honestly kept intact. Under Modi ji the communalism has become undeclared state policy. Though Modi ji talk of “sabka sath sabka vikas” but the fact remains that Islamophobia has the state’s patronage and the TV channels have been the super spreader of hatred against Muslims in this country. BJP’s IT cell has even left behind Goebbles and had mastered the art of rumour mongering and whispering campaign mainly through social media. Could anyone imagine that even Corona was made Muslims joined Tablighi Jamat and became super spreader in its first wave. How many people have been killed by cow vigilantes, not even a single has yet been convicted. On the other hand union minister one of them even highly educated and perhaps never been to RSS shakha welcomes these murderers with garland serves them sweats and assures them of financial assistance in fighting the legal battle. It seems as if not constitutional provision but the idea for Indian Muslims as given by Guru Golwalkar in his “Bunch of thoughts” and” We and our nationhood defined” is being implemented. Never in history of independent India not even after partition or during Ayodhya movement of nineties Indian Muslims have felt so much isolated and alienated as they are feeling under Modi regime. But this is his USP on the basis of his “aggressive Hidnutva and Rashtravad” he has been winning elections after elections. But every negative idea has a certain time limit and one day definitely comes to its end.

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Our economy, our social fabric, our constitutional democracy and our borders nothing is safe under this regime. It is for the people to decide what type of India they want.

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