Right treatment of corona is contained in the vigilance itself: Ashok Nirvan

ArticleRight treatment of corona is contained in the vigilance itself: Ashok Nirvan


Right treatment of corona is contained in the vigilance itself: Ashok Nirvan

Time for boosting the morale of those who leave their livelihood and return to the village

Ghaziabad: At this time, there is a need to be very patient with those returning to their villages from different states and cities amidst a 21-day lock-down conducted throughout the country to prevent infection of the corona virus. Taking such a big decision, they have returned to the village because there are people who understand their suffering better. In such a situation, the responsibility of everyone increases towards them that people should come forward to boost their spirits so that no one thinks of themselves alone. During this time, also explain to the people kept in temporary screening camps / quarantine centers for 14 days that this has been done for their good so that the country can succeed in defeating the corona virus.

From the Prime Minister and the Health Ministry, various social organizations are constantly appealing that during this टाइम ऑफ़ trouble, no one should feel for a moment that he is alone because the whole country stands with him at this time. The situation that has arisen due to the corona virus is not going to be permanent, it will be over in a few days and life will start again. Instead of reflecting any kind of mercy in front of such people, act with a sense of victory, because in such a time, the worry of further livelihood will be haunting them every moment. In such a situation, they should not be forced to take any wrong step, everyone should also think about it. To get him out of this mood, the government is also taking help of psychiatrists for his counseling.

What people will say does not come to mind: treat the returners with respect and try to convince them that they have done a lot for the society and household. This decision taken by him at this time is very correct. This kind of behaviour will not allow them to get a sense of what people will say. Along with this, if anyone comes to know about getting infected with corona, then avoid any kind of abuse with him. The only need for this is to be careful because the right treatment of corona is contained in the vigilance itself.

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