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Priyanka Gandhi’s Kisan Panchayat


Priyanka Gandhi’s Kisan Panchayat

The Indian Farmers Have Been Protesting Against The New Farm Laws That Were Passed In The Lok Sabha On 17th Of September 2020 And 20th September 2020 In Rajya Sabha. Since Then A Huge Protest Has Been Going On In The Opposition Of The Three Farm Bills And The Only Demand Of The Protesters Is To Repeal The Bill.

On 26th Of November 2020 The Protesters Called A 24 Hour All India Strike, While Marching Towards The Delhi Borders, On 26th Of January 2021 The Peaceful Protest Took A Violent Turn And Many Innocent Lost Their Lives. As A Result Of Which The Government Banned The Internet Around The Area And Baricatted The City. After The Violation Of Peace And Many Human Rights, Some International Personalities Came To Support The Farmers On Twitter, Starting A Twitter War. On The Other Hand, Delhi Police Lodged An Fir Against The Swedish Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg Who Recently Uploaded A Toolkit On Her Twitter Account Prescribing The Actions That Can Be Taken To Show Support To The Farmers.

The All India Congress’s General Secretary Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Wadra Came Forward To Show Their Party’s Support To The Protesters And Opposition To The Laws. On 15th Of February, She Held A Kisan Panchayat In Bijnor, And Will Hold Two Other Panchayats On 19th & 20th Of February 2021, In Mathura And Muzaffarnagar Respectively. The Leader Has Already Attended A Kisan Mahapanchayat On 10th In Saharanpur.

The General Secretary Condemned The Farm Bills Claiming That They Were Soley Formed And Constructed To Favour The Billionaires Of The Country. She Called Out On The Government Saying That The New Farm Laws Will Lead To The Monopolization Of The Agriculture And The Farmers Will Be Exploited By These Big Franchises. She Condemned The Allegations That Were Made Against The Protesters By The Ministers Of The Ruling Party And Said That The Government Had Looked Down Upon The Farmers And Have Undermined Their Dignity By Calling Them, Terrorists And Traitors.

The All India Congress Was Strictly Against The Bill And Is Now Demanding The Government To Repeal The Laws. Mrs. Wadra Condemned The Ministers Of The Cabinet And The Ruling Party For Their Statements Against The Farmers.

The Leader Gave A Speech Condemning The Acts Of The Prime Minister, She Said That Acts Of Negligence And Ignorance On The Part Of The Government Are Sevre Mistakes That Are Being Done. As Per Her Speech A True Leader Works For His People, With His People.

The Former Party Chief Mr. Rahul Gandhi Has Repeatedly Come Forward To Show His Support To The Protesters, Meeting Them And Saying Words Of Affirmation To Them. He Is Also Against The Laws And Has Demanded That The Government Should Repeal Them.

The Upcoming Panchayats Are To Be Held By The General Secretary Where She Will Be Referring To The Farming And Showing Her And The Party’s Support For Them. She Will Also Visit The Families Who Lost Their Members As A Result Of The Violence That Took Place On The Republic Day.

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