Prime Minister is not supposed to weep but to act

ArticlePrime Minister is not supposed to weep but to act


Prime Minister is not supposed to weep but to act

Ubaidulalh Nasir

Prime Minister is not supposed to weep but to act

And the Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again wept on TV. But unfortunately could not get the headlines rather has been subjected to joke, fun and criticism. No one accepted that his emotions are genuine .Every one is of the opinion that responsibility for deaths and collapse of health services and mismanagement must be fixed and heads must be rolled. If the Health Ministers of many countries could resign owing their moral responsibility in not being able to provide timely and affective medical aid to patients that caused their death why in India every responsible political and administrative authority has got immunity from any such moral responsibility. Head of governments are not supposed to weep but to act.

The dance of death and helplessness of a common man for want of oxygen and other medicines for the treatment of their love ones must have shaken the conscience of any man an d woman .Not only Shamshans and Qabristan were filled with dead bodies even rivers were overflowing and the dead bodies were being eaten by stray dogs, jackals vultures crows etc. No where in the world such tragic and shameful scenes were seen though the whole world is hited by Covid 19. Earlier when the most unplanned and cruel lockdown was declared in India compelling lakhs of poor migrant workers their womenfolk and children walking on foot covering thousands of miles to reach their native place and facing death and other unimaginable miseries were also only India made. Both incidents are clear indication that the Modi government at the centre and other state governments have failed in their duty of saving people from pandemic deaths and providing them best possible treatment. Deaths during both waves of Covid 19 in India were more due to lack of proper treatment than the incurability of pandemic Covid 19.Political and religious gatherings are considered main cause of these deaths which must have been stopped by the government but when Prime Minister and other senior union ministers and state Chief Ministers are himself involved inn these gatherings why should they not be held responsible for these deaths. Various High Courts have came down heavily on state governments for example Madras High Court has targeted Election Commission for not using its authority to implement Covid protocols and Allahabad High court terming Covid related deaths as genocide and state health management as Ram Bharose (At the mercy of God). It is another case that the Supreme Court is there to save Modi government’s skin from such criticism and strictures.

Earlier more than 200 people were allegedly died while they were standing in long ques before the bank’s branches to get their hard earned money converted into new currency as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suddenly announced demonetisation of Rs.1000 and 500 currency notes. This sudden and unplanned decision has caused too much miseries to common man and destroyed Indian economy which has yet not recovered. Our prime minister instead of realising the miseries of his people was making a fun of them that too not in India but in a foreign country (Japan). How many youngsters have committed suicide after loosing their job due to demonetisation ,how many businessmen together with their wives and children committed suicide as their business has collapsed due to this foolish decision is not accounted in any government record but is intact in people’s mind and heart.

The question is thus genuinely asked that why Mr. Modi has not wept or got emotional in earlier cases that have been quoted above. What is new now when the second wave of Covid 19 has slowed down, cases of infected people and deaths have came down remarkably .Fact is that no one not even his ardent supporters consider Modi’s tears as genuine. These supporters are defending him not from the depth of their heart but are rendering only lip service and his detractors more vocal on social media are terming it as crocodile tears meant to divert the public attention and get their sympathy as he is being criticised bitterly by common man for Covid 19 mismanagement. Mr. Modi has tremendous skill in converting every eventuality to his political benefit and had won elections after elections after his every misadventure including demonetisation, GST lockdown etc. But this time his political opponent is not any living being but lakhs of dead bodies which will definitely re emerge at the time of assembly elections of most crucial state of UP. Both Modi and Yogi will have to fight these corpses which will follow them like ghost.

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