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Positive Thinking Series # 1 – Say Yes to Life


Positive Thinking Series # 1 – Say Yes to Life

Hi everyone!

April 2020 is here. I am sure you all might have had great plans for this month but are feeling low due to the lockdown imposed in the country amid coronavirus outbreak. You might also be wondering when is this all going to end? When are we going to start leading a normal life? These thoughts might be running in your mind and it’s quite natural to feel negative as we are tackling this deadly virus thingy since more than a week. 

Yes, the word is “Negative”. Everyone from the milkman who knocks our doors in the morning to the news channels that we keep watching throughout the day to the WhatsApp forwards that we keep reading till late night, everyone seems to be talking (negatively) about the entire current situation. There are rumours and there are gossips. There are criticisms and there are depressed opinions. One new case of coronavirus increases and there is one more death and we feel as if we are going to be the next victim of COVID-19. If our neighbour sneezes and if our vegetable vendor coughs, we immediately become panicky and doubtful. We start visiting Google ‘n’ number of times the whole day to cross-check if we didn’t catch the virus. That’s the kind of negativity we are feeding to our minds since a long time. 

Taking precautionary measures is extremely vital. Yes, you should definitely be aware of all the information about coronavirus and how you should protect yourself and your family from this crisis. At the same time, one thing you should start making a part of your everyday life from today onwards is “Positive Thinking”. What is the use of positive thinking, you may feel? But how is negative thinking helping you? No, I am not going to lecture you on good thoughts. Please, I am not an Agony Aunt yaar. But this is a small initiative to change the way we think and perceive ourself and our surroundings. It’s a small effort to help you look at the colourful side of life to create a beautiful future

To start with, let’s give you a small activity today. You need to think about 5 things that you are able to do and that you are grateful about despite the challenging situation. Write those 5 things down in a sheet of paper. I will also share my example of 5 things that I am thankful about in the beginning of my next post in the Positive Thinking Series and tell you the importance of this activity. Stay tuned as life is long and we are going to sail through this surely. Just have that belief in yourself and the Supreme Power.

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