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Nirbhaya case: Convicts now approached international court of justice


New Delhi: Three of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case have approached the international court to postpone their death penalty. It is being told that the accused Akshay, Pawan and Vinay have filed in the International Court of Justice. The three convicts have written to the ICJ requesting them to postpone the death penalty. The convicts AP Singh has said that various organizations all over the world have approached the ICJ against the death penalty.

AP Singh said that in this case people from all over the world are taking interest. People settled abroad do not trust the Indian judicial system. So they have approached the ICJ. He said that the four convicts and their families have faith in the Indian judicial system and the President. Family members want the president to allow euthanasia for the four convicts.

The four convicts are to be hanged at 5:30 am on March 20. Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Court rejected the plea of ​​convict Mukesh Singh in which he had requested to reinstate all his legal remedies, saying that his old lawyer had misled him. The Supreme Court said that the plea of ​​Mukesh Singh, convicted in the Nirbhaya case, requesting the reinstatement of all legal remedies is not worth considering.

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