Muslims and Dalits are at receiving end under BJP rule

ArticleMuslims and Dalits are at receiving end under BJP rule


Muslims and Dalits are at receiving end under BJP rule

Ubaidullah Nasir

Muslims and Dalits are at receiving end under BJP rule
Ubaidullah Nasir

 Law and order situation in Uttar  Pradesh is becoming  from bad to worst . Not only murder rape and  loot are daily routine  communal and caste clashes too are  increasing at alarming rate .Though  a major chunk of  OBC and Dalit votes  goes to BJP  but dominant caste of Brahmin and Thakurs in villages sees this government their own and thus feel free to let loose reign of terror on weaker section of society specially Dalits  and in certain  cases OBCs also . Even in capital Lucknow few days ago there was an incident in which few youths of dalit community were tied with rope  and beaten with shoes roamed in the village by youths of upper caste Hindus on the doubt of some theft . In Pratapgarh distt  Kurmis/Patel  of a village were beaten with lathis  their houses were put on fire  one person of Kurmi/Patel  community was killed. The matter was under the consideration of state backward class commission which has ordered action against certain distt. and block level leaders of ruling BJP but now it has taken a new turn when state minister Rajendra Pratap Singh alias Moti Singh asked the commission to stop actions against the culprits as they belong to BJP. He said that action against booth in-charges and area in-charges of BJP is not justified. He blamed SP and BSP workers for the incident. However Kaushalendra Patel a member of the commission has said that commission is working to safeguard the interests of backward community and we are performing our duty as mandated by law so there is no question of stopping the action and it will continue. This shows to which extent there is political interference by BJP leaders in maintaining law and order.

Whenever there is a caste conflict is UP the government state machinery and BJP leaders usually stood by upper caste people but when there is a conflict between Muslims and other section of society even petty clashes are given communal colour and as usual Muslims are at receiving end. Two petty incidents in Jaunpur and Azam garh distts were blown out of proportion the usual clash in the villages is given communal colour by BJP leaders siding with other side. Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath issued order to impose draconian NSA and Goonda Act against Muslims whereas no one was even arrested form next party. In Jaunpur’s incident where a clash between boys of Muslims and Dalit community took place over grazing of animals which was settled by interference of eledrs of both community but BJP leaders reached there incited Dalits gave it a communal colour and FIRs were lodged by both side but only Muslims were arrested and NSA was imposed upon them ensuring their jail term without even bail application for one year. Shameful part of this story is that one Noor Alam  on whom NSA has been imposed is living in Jeddah for the last many years this shows how blind and prejudice UP police is. Similarly whenever there have been clashes between two groups of Hindu community none from any side has been booked under NSA .Be it the incident of Pratapgarh, Lucknow, Rae Bareli and  Shamli etc.but whenever the party is Muslim they are booked under NSA.

Decades ago Justice Anand Narain Mulla of Allhabad High court has termed UP police as organized gang of criminals under present dispension it has become organized gang of criminals and communals so much so that even senior IPS officers too are not above board and have shamelessly shown their prejudice towards Muslims and Dalits.

Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath is known for his anti Muslim views and it is to his credit that even after becoming CM and taking the constitution’s oath he has not hidden his views against this community so much so that he even refused to extend traditional Eid greetings to Muslims saying I am a Hindu and do not celebrate Eid, forgetting his oath that as CM he is neither Hindu nor Muslim but CM only and bound by the oath he took as CM. The way Kanvarias mostly rude rough and unruly are given status of state guest so much so that senior police officers showers petal on them from state helicopter,Cow has become much more sacred now and billions are being spent upon their upkeep and feeding but this innocent lovely animal has now become source of great trouble for common man .Stray cows and calves are roaming freely on road destroying crops and becoming traffic  hazard the fund provided for upkeep of goshalas is misused. Scientific method of cow protection are not applied nor economy of raring cow is considered every step in this direction is taken on the basis of Astha (Belief).Forgetting the fact that the state is to be ruled by constitutional provisions not by Astha (Belief).

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