Modi magic continues, after Bihar next destination is Bengal

ArticleModi magic continues, after Bihar next destination is Bengal


Modi magic continues, after Bihar next destination is Bengal

Ubaidullah Nasir

Modi magic continues, after Bihar next destination is Bengal

In recently held Bihar assembly election and by polls in UP MP and Karnataka the victory of BJP has once again established that inspite of so many odds and negatives the popularity of prime minister Narendra Modi is intact. The credit of this victory also goes to micro level poll management of RSS and the three Ms (Money, media and man power) which no other party including the grand old party Indian National Congress could match. The sincerity dedication and commitment of RSS cadres must also be appreciated even though ideologically one may be opposed to them. The popularity of Mr. Narendra Modi has passed all the tests be it demonetization, GST, China’s intrusion, new farm laws or even lockdown. All these factors may have adversely affected the nation but they have failed to dent in the popularity and acceptability of Prime Minister and at every election he is given benefit of doubt by his voters. Bihar which is considered to be the fort of social justice forces is the last bastion felled to his feet where the BJP has emerged as the second largest party short only one seat of single largest party the RJD. Bihar under Lalu Prasad Yadav was the only state in the Hindi belt where even Ayodhya movement and infamous rath yatra of Lal Krishna Advani failed to carve a niche for Hindutva forces. BJP could only get its foot hold in Bihar on the ladder provided by late George Fernandes and Nitish Kumar who out of hate for Lalu Prasad Yadav joined hands with BJP though both were ideologically opposed to Hindutva but politically it was their need of the hour.

Narendra Modi now is the stable factor in BJP politics to the extent that he has now became a brand which can be used in any election top from Lok Sabha down to Gram Sabha. This brand could also be used in any context and in any competition so there is a punch word “Modi hai to mumkin hai and Modi par bharosa hai ‘. This type of personalized politics is against the concept of parliamentary democracy and political party system but then “end justifies means”. This politics is giving victory after victory to BJP and so it is all right. Very tactfully and intelligently the defeat to BJP is attributed to local factors and leadership and the credit of victory goes to Modi as in the game of chess all including Prime Minister is allowed to be beaten but not the king.

Jansangh and now BJP the political wing of RSS have always very shrewdly have used the alliance politics to their benefit. They got respectability which they have lost after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. It was Dr. Lohia’s anti Congessism that created Sanyukt Vidhayak Dal (SVD) in Hindi belt it was the conglomeration of all non Congress parties Jansangh was included in it so much so that Dr. Abdul Jalil Faridi who has formed Muslim Majlis joined it. SVD formed governments in Hindi belt specially in UP, MP Bihar and Haryana. Jansangh got place in government and used the opportunity to put its ideologically committed men in the system including judiciary, administration and media. Since then it has used all the opportunities tactfully and joined all the anti Congress coalitions anti Congress government movements to its benefit.

Coalition for BJP is a temporary tactics but for non BJP specially regional parties they are like life support because almost all regional parties have emerged opposing Congress so they in no case will like the re emergence of Congress thus BJP becomes their refuge. Except Lalu Prasad Yadav and his RJD all regional satraps and regional parties have flirted with BJP. Akali Dal, Shiv Sena and Nitish’s JDU have been time tested allies of BJP. However there is major difference both Akali Dal and JDU are ideologically opposed to BJP specially its anti Muslim policies. Shiv Sena was its only partner which was ideologically too closed to BJP but in Maharashtra it got humiliation from its most trusted ally when Shiv Sena refused to surrender its big brother status in Maharashtra politics and formed the government with the help of NCP and Congress thus leaving BJP high and dry. Akali Dal left the BJP bandwagon opposing the farm laws. In Hindi belt only Nitish is his remaining ally who in Bihar politics was having big brother status. BJP was fed up with this so a strategy was drawn to sideline him, services of Chirag Paswan were used and Nitish was brought to his knees. Now he is at poor third position having just 43 MLAs. At the moment BJP will not like another Maharashtra like situation and emergence of another Uddhav Thackeray is shape of Nitish Kumar so as promised he may be crowned as a Chief Minister for the fourth time but for the time being and sooner or later he will be shown the door. Modi magic and Amit Shah’s tactics will also be applied here opposition MLAs will be bought and BJP government for the first time will be formed here. Modi hai to mumkin hai. Next target and destination is Bengal for which preparations have been started.

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