Lockdown in Himachal, curfew in Puducherry

ArticleLockdown in Himachal, curfew in Puducherry


Chandigarh: Increased cases of corona virus in different areas of the country have increased the tension of the state governments. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur said, “In view of the threat of corona virus, a complete lockdown in the state will be effective from today until the next order.”

Earlier, the Himachal Pradesh government on Sunday ordered an indefinite ‘complete lockdown’ in Kangra district after two people were found infected with the corona virus. Earlier, lockdowns have been announced in Punjab, Rajasthan, and Bihar as well.

Amarinder government in Punjab has announced curfew in all 22 districts to prevent the havoc of Corona amidst the lockdown announcement. The lockdown was implemented on Monday in seven districts of Union Territory of Chandigarh and Haryana.

Meanwhile, curfew has been imposed in Puducherry from 9 am to 31 March on Monday night to prevent the spread of corona virus. Senior officials have confirmed this.

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