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Lack of leadership has complicated Congress crisis in Punjab


Lack of leadership has complicated Congress crisis in Punjab


Once again Congress’s top brass inaction is proving to be costlier to the party in Punjab.  Party high command indecision in handling the Punjab congress internal crisis between Navjot Siddhu and state CM Capt. Amrinder Singh has complicated the party’s future and position in the upcoming state election and it will only be going to boost opposition prospects and augur well for the (Aam Admi Party) in the state.

According to the sources all is not well in the Punjab state Congress between CM Amrinder Singh and Siddhu. The trouble is brewing in Punjab Congress for quite some time and it has been exacerbated due to the ineffectiveness of central leadership.

Meanwhile, state party members have clearly told Punjab in-charge Harish Rawat, that all is not well in the government and state cadre due to the high-handedness of Amrinder Singh.  Earlier when some party members have shown discontentment against the captain but CM has smartly doused the discontentment of party workers by offering advisor posts to nearly half of a dozen party workers.

Even state Congress President Punjab Sunil Jakkhar has also got the feedback of discontentment from the party workers, who are working on the ground and are an important aspect of the party in the upcoming election.  Lack of leadership is evident in congress since despite all the efforts of truce between the two heavyweights is not coming to the fore. The stalemate gets bad to worse when Amrinder wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi objecting to the prospective appointment of Siddhu as state party president post.  

Lack of performance by the Punjab govt is also one of the reasons for growing discontentment amongst the state party workers against farmers on the issue of MSP and mismanagement of Covid in Punjab. 

State govt performance issue was also highlighted by MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu and Pargat Singh to the central leadership of Congress but nothing has happened to date on the grievances nor any action has been taken in Amrinder Singh. 

Hope to be Navjot Siddhu part of our team very soon: Amarinder Singh

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