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Interview with supermodel Aprajita Sharma


Today we had a quick chat with Aprajita Sharma who is a renowned fashion model. Aprajita shared her views about her profession in general. Aprajita was one of the top 10 finalists of Miss India 2011 and has bagged the titles of Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Vivacious Beauty, Miss Stylish Diva and Miss Beautiful Body.

Here are few edited excerpts:

1) What is the one thing you love and one thing you dislike about your profession?

One thing I love:

From the time I can recall, I have always cherished my experiences when I travel to new places. Exploring the diversity, the beauty, it’s people wherever I go.

So the perks of my profession is it makes me travel for free and create memories of a lifetime.

One thing I dislike:

I dislike the stereotyping which comes of this profession. The fashion industry is known for its glitz and glamour. But there is immense discipline, hard work and dedication which goes a miss in people’s eyes.

Constant pressure, criticism & body shaming can be taxing for models but till date we have people considering it a profession not worthy.

Hence to keep a stable mind, healthy lifestyle, sanity amidst the chaos & prove yourself each and every day is a constant battle everyone in the fashion industry fights for.

2) If not training, what profession would you choose to occupy?

I was pursuing my degree in Architecture when I got selected for Miss India. So I opted for a bachelor’s Degree in English Literature so that I could pursue both my education and passion. So if not modelling or mentoring, I would have chosen to be an architect.

3) If you had a magic wand, which project would you like to be a part of?

I don’t believe in magic but I believe in miracles.

I wouldn’t want a magic wand but I wish to have the strength, determination and luck to undertake whatever project I am a part of next and excel in it.

4) We still hear women leaving their jobs in the mid-way of their careers owing to personal reasons. Do you think that encouraging women to join the workforce can help her eliminate all the problems that she would face in different stages of her life?

I have never come across a woman who is not strong both mentally and emotionally.

The sheer fact that women can handle different tasks as well as different roles in various stages of life are worth an applause.

Yet I feel when women leave their jobs mid-way or start working in their later ages is a call one makes for oneself.

Nobody should get to take decisions on their behalf but respect the decisions and support her.

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