In death of Ahmad Patel Congress has lost its Chanakya

ArticleIn death of Ahmad Patel Congress has lost its Chanakya


In death of Ahmad Patel Congress has lost its Chanakya

This loss is difficult to be filled.

Ubaidullah Nasir

In death of Ahmad Patel Congress has lost its Chanakya

The death of Ahmad Patel treasurer of Indian National Congress is a great loss not only of Congress but of the entire nation because he was not just a politician but a great human being also. Ahmad Bhai or Babu bhai as he was lovingly called was always available to help the needy irrespective of his political affiliation. Old timers compare this quality with that of late Rafi Ahmad Kidwai who too had never returned any needy person empty handed like late Rafi sahib Ahmad Bhai too was trouble shooter of Congress party but he was a step ahead of Rafi sahib in the sense that he never accepted any ministerial post but always preferred to work for the organization. According to senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh Ahmad Patel was so powerful in Congress that he could get any ministry of his choice during ten years rule of Dr. Manmohan Singh but he never aspired for any cabinet berth and worked to strengthen the party and alliance I e UPA.

He was the most powerful political secretary of Congress President Sonia Gandhi but his humility his accessibility and his magnamity remained always with him. He was an expert backroom strategist and saved Manmohan singh government not only when left parties withdrew their support on the issue of nuclear deal with US but at many other times too. He was a bridge between Congress and other parties supporting the UPA. His loyalty to Nehru Gandhi family was beyond any doubt and remained a loyalist till his death. His faithfulness and dedication his commitment to his duty his always being there to help and his generosity were rare quality that distinguished him from others. When about two dozen senior Congress leaders decided to send a letter to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on party affairs it is said that Ahmad Patel tried his best that this group instead of sending a letter to ailing Sonia Gandhi and making it public should meet her and discuss all the issues however unfortunately he failed in his efforts. He however succeeded in thwarting potential rebellion in the party . He also successfully overcame political crisis in Rajasthan when Sachin Pilot revolted against Chief Minster Ashok Gahlot. It is a little known fact that Ahmad Patel was having equally good relations with corporate houses and it is because of this that he was brought back to the post of AICC treasurer when party coffer were in much depleted condition ahead of 2019 general election and he was able to get donations from all quarters including industries and corporate houses. Late Pranab Mukharjee was known as the trouble shooter of the party and Ahmad Patel was known for crisis management and nicknamed Chanakya of Congress. His death is a great loss of Congress in general and personal loss of Congress President Sonia Gandhi to whom he served as political secretary for about 17 years. For decades he has been the chief crisis manager, trouble shooter, and political strategist. Late night political meetings at his residence at Delhi have always been the topic of discussion in political and journalistic circle.

He was first elected to Lok Sabha inn 1977 from Bharauch parliamentary constituency of Gujarat after that he represented this constituency in 1980 and 1984 also. In 1985 the then prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi appointed him parliamentary secretary . He was defeated in 1989 and entered the upper house in 1993. His ability to fight back and snatch the pond of flash from the mouth of a lion was displayed when in 2017 he fought the might of BJP government at centre and his home state Gujarat and snatched the Rajya Sabha seat which BJP was determined to win and played all type of tricks and used all might of the state but was ultimately defeated.

Paying glowing tributes to departed soul President Ram Nath Kovind described him as the leader of masses as well as a master strategist. His amiability won him friends across party lines the President said in his condolence message. Congress president Sonia Gandhi said she had lost an irreplaceable comrade faithful colleague and a friend. Mr. Rahul Gandhi who flew to Bharauch to attend his last journey described him as the pillar of Congress. He lived and breathed Congress and stood with the party through its most difficult days he said.

Earlier the death of another stalwart Tarun Gogoi and now in the death of Ahmad Patel the Congress has suffered a great setback. The party is already facing multiple troubles and in this trying time the death of its main strategist its Chanakya is a great great loss of the party. Ahmad Patel has won many political battles and always fought like a warrior but could not win against the deadly Covid 19.

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