How to utilize your time efficiently in the wake of Coronavirus

ArticleHow to utilize your time efficiently in the wake of Coronavirus


Coronavirus or COVID-19 has led to lockdowns all over India and many parts of the world. If you are a business owner or an employee or a student and are reading this then we really appreciate your patience. Because we understand that it takes guts to cancel all outside work and stay at home to support the initiative of curbing the spread of Coronavirus.

It’s been reported that till 31 March 2020, things are not going to change and you would have to lead a restricted life like this. Are you sad and grumpy? Well, here we share some recommendations to help you optimize your time in this critical stage in coronavirus outbreak:

1) List down the skills you want to upgrade in your professional life or career. I am sure there will be many things you would have dreamed or aspired to learn earlier but couldn’t find the right opportunity due to lack of time or situation. Well, now is the time to register for an online course in the area of your interest or specialization to advance your knowledge and skills.

2) Wanna blog? There will be hundreds and thousands of thoughts running in your mind about some or the other thing but due to the current limitations of not being able to connect with others, you may be feeling low. Google search about how to start a blog on WordPress or Blogger and start writing. The world is now online reading and searching some or the other thing, so write freely and share your ideas, knowledge and skills with the world.

3) List down all your pending online activities such as starting a PPF account, renewing passport, updating your LinkedIn profile, enrolling for an online training program and many more. You can also work on completion of your accounting work for the previous financial year FY 19-20.

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