How to spend your idle time in coronavirus lockdown

ArticleHow to spend your idle time in coronavirus lockdown


How to spend your idle time in coronavirus lockdown

The world is facing a deadly virus named ‘coronavirus’ or COVID-19 and hence, going through a tough time. If you are frustrated sitting at home and are wasting your time doing nothing, then don’t feel bad or even sad. It’s just not you, but many people who work in various industries all over the country don’t have the work-from-home option. But they are not losing hope and so shouldn’t you.

Many people are taking coronavirus lockdown as a good opportunity to spend time with their families. In case you are sitting idle and have nothing to do for a longer period of time, then here we list some things for you to try at home.

1) Do physical exercises to stay fit and keep your immune system good.

2) Apart from researching about coronavirus all day on your mobile, it is time to learn a new recipe and cook food by watching YouTube cooking tutorials.

3) If you want some peace of mind, put a soothing music and meditate.

4) Keep some interesting music on your radio or mobile or laptop and start dancing. Dance can help to improve your mood and fitness.

5) Look back at old photographs and videos on your PC or camera or albums and recollect all good memories. It will make you feel good about yourself and your life.

6) Watch one or two movies every day with or without family. It can be old, new, Hindi, English or any other language of your choice. Enjoy the fun time.

7) Clean and organize your home on a regular basis. Keeping dust and dirt away from your home can help you live healthily and safely.

8) Read books or e-books as it will give you new life experiences sitting at one place.

Last but not the least, think about your future. What you want to do after the lockdown is lifted, what is your one year, three year and five year plan, what is your purpose in life. Think about these things and have probable answers ready.

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